Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012 ~ Angry Billy Belly

Poor little guy. He's having a terrible day.

When he woke up there was a big mess. Let's just say...he was wearing footed pajamas. I"ll stop there.

At 11am I got a call from daycare. He threw up the entire contents of his belly. They sent home a bag of his soiled clothes. His shoes were in that bag. Yeah. That bad.

When he got home this evening he was not a happy camper. I plied him with crackers, cheese and a sippy each of milk, water and juice. What he really wanted was Cheerios. He pointed to the box until I got it down for him. Then he shoveled handfuls of the little o's into his mouth.

Normally, I push nutrition with the little guy, but I know when I'm not feeling well there are very few things that I can handle eating. Actually, I usually can only stomach Utz Ripple chips. Whatever works, right? So if Cheerios make him full and content, then I'm not going to worry about nutrition today. I didn't even bother with dinner. He ate so many Cheerios that dinner would have just gone to waste.

He was an unhappy camper, but it wasn't all bad. He laid on the floor while i rubbed his back and he giggled the whole time. I also coated him in kisses and gentle tickles and that got me smiles and laughs.

In college I was in a group called Clowns For Medicine. Maybe you remember the movie Patch Adams about a true story? The group was founded by a student of his. The motto: Laughter is the best medicine. I go with this theory. So when he doesn't feel good, it's my job to make him laugh. Doesn't matter how- tickles, toys on my head or teasing the dog. I got him laughing and by bedtime he was his old self and wanted to stay up.

I have no doubt, however, that Billy's belly is still angry with him. I just hope that it forgives him soon.


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January 5, 2012 ~ Box of Buns

Billy started his morning by being woken up early so I could take him to the doctor for a wellness visit. Those are the routine check-ups every few months, in case you don't know the lingo.

He doesn't mind going to the pediatrician's office, he's been there so many times. But, he's learned. As soon as I stripped him down he started grabbing me like a monkey. He knew what was coming. The second I laid him on the table for the nurse to take his length measurement he started screaming, thinking that the later part was here. Nope. First, the doctor had to check up him out. He's in great health. Tall and skinny. Developmentally on track, more maybe a little ahead. But, we of course, have to come to the part he knew was inevitable: the shots.

It took two of us to hold him down so he could get his three shots. Poor guy. I hate shots. He has no idea what we're doing to him. I at least know what's going on when I get a shot. Must be so much scarier not to understand.

So the doctor told me that he should have 3-5 words. Let's review the words he knows and says:

Bubbub (Buddy)
Gammall (Grandma)
caca (cracker)
cock (quack)
nana (banana)
baabaa (bottle or sippy)
yay-yo (yellow)
hey-yo (hello)
bye bye
sock (learned today)

I think this might be a bit more than 5.

He also has a new word that I am not sure of the meaning. Manya. When he waves he sometimes says Manya. Comment if you have a clue what this means. He says it without prompting.

Daddy and Billy went to the grocery store after school so I was home before them. When they got home it was dinnertime so I immediately plopped Billy in his chair and gave him food. Daddy tried to get him to eat some pasta salad (he loves pasta usually). But he spit it out and gave his "yuck" face.

Ah, but Mommy has a plan. I showed him just how much I LOVED the pasta salad. Ok, it's a decent salad, but not THAT good. Nevertheless, I played it off. And what do you know? He decided he liked it and ate it up. Ha ha! Mommy 2, Billy 0 (Let's not forget the raspberries that are now his favorite, which he hated last week.)

After dinner I got him dressed for bed, including his new bathrobe (too cute!) and we played in the den. I brought in the box of his grilling set (grill not included) and set up a little plastic picnic on the coffee table. No Go. Nope. BUT... the box of buns was a big hit. No joke. A cardboard box filled with plastic hamburger buns. Yep. Not even the box the stuff came in- it's a clamshell shoebox that I repurposed. Apparently, nothing's more fun than a box of buns. When he accidentally spilled the contents, he laughed at himself, picked up the pieces and hauled around his box of buns some more.

Never underestimate a box of buns.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012 ~ To Bink Or Not To Bink?

When I was pregnant I was pretty much dead set against giving my baby a binky. I could hear my grandmother's voice in my head saying, "now don't go putting a pacifier in that child's mouth!" Unfortunately, those were her parting words to me and I cannot uphold her belief in anti-binkyism.

Despite my reservations on the bink, I insisted on buying one to have on hand, you know, just in case. I figured I would return it after the baby was a few weeks old and clearly happy with nipples and thumbs. I planned to toe the line of anti-binkyism.

But then again, there is the case of my dear friend. I went to see her when her baby was 4 days old. By that time her nips were so sore that she dreaded having to feed her sweet little girl. The little thing was just soothing herself and not eating, so she was constantly crying for the boob. Someone had given my friend a binky at her shower and I made her give that child a bink. It solved the problem and mother and baby were both happy.

Enter my own baby. He made it just fine in the hospital without the binky. After one day at home we could not stop his crying. We tried everything. In the middle of the night Daddy got fed up and stuck a binky in Billy's mouth. Problem solved. Well, symptom solved. It turned out I wasn't producing milk, so he was starving. So, by the third day home he was getting a binky and formula- two things I swore I wouldn't give him. C'est la vie.

Now, at 15 months Billy is throwing his binky in tantrums. The truth is that he doesn't need it anymore, except maybe to sleep. Despite the 12 or so binkies floating around our house we hide most of them from him and he spends the majority of each day without them. But...and this is a big but...when he is without his binky I often catch him sticking his thumb in his mouth. The binkies he has are designed to prevent needing dental work from sucking. Thumbs=braces later on.

So the question remains: going forward do we bink or don't we?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012 ~ Daddy's Devil Grin

If you've met Daddy, then you probably know that he has a boyish devil-may-care grin that let's everyone know he's up to no good. Now, when I say "up to no good", usually he's hatching a plan to go on an adventure, stir up some fun at a party or say something silly. It's the boyish charm that melts hearts and causes ladies to swoon.

Billy has his Daddy's Devil Grin and he knows how to use it.

This isn't a good photo of it, even if his eyes are "devilish". That little smirk comes and goes so fast I can't get it on film (or pixels...whatever.)

Today Billy would put on that Devil Grin and then throw food at Billy. We kept yelling at him to stop, but he decided he was just too gosh-darn-cute to stop. I have to admit, he was making me laugh so hard I had difficulty punishing him. He smile that smile, give a little giggle and then, "Whoosh!" Away goes the food.

In the bath he broke out the Devil Grin again. He wanted to drink the bath water by dipping his head into the bath and lapping it up. He thought this was just too funny and would come up laughing. I yelled at him to stop (mind you- not "yell" but "acknowledge bad behavior"). I kept trying to get him to stop, but he just knew that he was so cute and causing harmless trouble.

Great. Now, not only do I have to combat Daddy's Devil Grin. Now I have to avoid succumbing to Billy's Devil Grin too!

January 2, 2012 ~ Let's Haul Some Dog

No matter how much you love your kids, when they are whining their heads off for no reason at all you sometimes just want to kick their bum. Billy is still very tired and sick with the Daycare Plague. I think he may be working on a tooth as well, but there's no sign of it yet. Regardless, he was extra fussy today.

By mid-morning he started with his new habit of crying when I put him down AND crying if I hold him for more than a minute (squirming to get down to get a toy). Any rational adult will see that I cannot hold him for less than a minute without putting him down. After a half hour of this I explained to him that this is the kind of behavior that signals to me that he needs quiet time and took him to bed. It was too early for nap, but he got some quiet time with his lovies and was a happier baby for awhile.

Billy showed off his new love of bibs to Grandma when she came over today. He can now put the bibs on himself and insists that he be wearing one while in the highchair, even if eating something like cheerios that aren't messy. I wish I could say that it's him trying to keep clean, but really it's that he likes hiding food in the pocket.

In the late afternoon Billy, Daddy and I went to Wal-Mart to get some storage supplies. Enter the return of Fussy Baby. He got so angry that he threw his binky on the floor in a fit of rage and broke it in half. Yes, irreparably damaged. was my favorite binky! Now I have to go to Babies'R'Us to buy a new one. He cried all through Wal-Mart, in the grocery store for a quick run, picking up carry-out dinner and the whole car ride to each of these places. Luckily, I brought a back-up binky and a back-up back-up binky so we managed to keep him quiet part of the time.

When we got home he got dinner and afterwards was happy as a clam with his new toy...

Billy, that's not really a toy. He hauled it around with two binkies and a dog bone for the better part of an hour.

Then Daddy had the great idea to put Buddy in the toy tote. Buddy gets a hug for playing along.

Then Daddy had the great idea that Billy should haul Buddy around in the giant toy tote.

Here's Billy hauling the 40lb dog in a giant tote. I'm impressed that Billy could pull that much weight. Daddy did have to help with a gentle push here and there, but Billy was able to do it on his own.

You would have thought with all of this exercise that Billy would be whipped and ready for bed, but he managed to stay up an extra 45 minutes past bedtime even though he was in his crib. He kept asking to go back to play and if not to cuddle. After 45 minutes I informed him no more cuddles, no more play, just sleep. He's sleeping. Phew!

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 1, 2012 ~ Sleepy Baby & Ravens Good Luck Charm

Until now, Billy has hated raspberries. I've tried, but he just doesn't like them. But at breakfast when he refused them again, I popped one in my mouth and showed them how tasty I find them. I didn't think he'd care and I was only giving him a few to continue to encourage broadening his taste buds. Apparently, the Mommy Seal of Approval meant that he now likes raspberries. He ate half of the container for breakfast and i had to put them away because he wanted more.

Today has been an exercise in exhaustion. Billy is over-tired and just wanted to either sleep or lay about. He laid on his back and played with his blocks while laying there. He watched the majority of Tangled sitting there, not running from one end of the house to the other.

Billy took two naps today- one very long one and a shorter one. We were watching the Ravens game together with Daddy, but Billy became very tired by the end of the 2nd quarter. So I put him down for the second nap. Then the Ravens started losing their big lead and weren't playing so well. By the fourth quarter I woke Billy up, against his wishes, so he could eat dinner. Then the Ravens started scoring again all of a sudden and playing well. Clearly, Billy must be a good luck charm for them. At least a fan, who knows the touch down symbol.

After the game Billy helped Daddy cook dinner, but he was so tired that he went to bed early. He didn't even complain, just straight to sleep. His first day of 2012 was certainly a sleepy one.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 31, 2011 ~ Happy New Year!

First off, I would like to apologize for not having posted earlier. I was up all night, but unlike most people who were up all of last night drinking, I was up with a sick baby and I'm a sick Mommy too.

Billy is getting a new molar and is a miserable little soul. That tooth is torturing him. He also has the Daycare Plague, this one with a bad cough that keeps him awake, aka not getting enough sleep. So, he was very unhappy and fussy all morning. I didn't think that we would be going out at all for the evening's festivities given his mood.

He wasn't in a people mood, either. We had friends over for lunch and after awhile he started saying "bye,bye". He was trying to get them to leave. But, he got part of a burrito that my friend so kindly shared with Billy, and that changed his mind for awhile.

He did get a decent nap in and I made him take quiet time later in the day, hoping to improve his mood. Of course, I am also feeling miserable from the Daycare Plague. My version comes with nasal inflammation, so I cannot breathe and can't sleep because I can't breathe.

Well, he was in better spirits after dinner so we decided to take him to a party. They had a very lovely set up with piles of candles on the coffee table and bowls of food laid out. Of course, Billy tried to set a few things on fire, nearly knocked all of the candles over and basically found every bit of their house that isn't toddler-proof. Daddy and I didn't really get to enjoy the party because we had to chase or hold him the whole time to keep him from burning their house down. Once Billy's good friend, T, was tired though, we headed over to T's parent's house.

Our good friends invited us to come over for a much quieter party at their house for those of us with little ones. Their T is a very good friend of Billy's, and Billy is used to sleeping at their house because we are there often enough. The boys played until almost 11, wound up from the first party, excited to see each other. Billy is in awe of T, who is two years older. Billy wanted to do everything that T did. When we put Billy down for the night he didn't want to go and he could hear T playing and getting ready for bed. It took a long while to get him to settle.

We stayed until 2, ringing in the new year quietly, we parents. After enough partying, Daddy and I brought Billy home to sleep in his own crib. Only, the coughing fits started and he was up all night in misery. I couldn't sleep anyway, so I rocked him gently and soothed him. Here's to a quick end of this round of the Daycare Plague.

Happy New Year and here's to 2012!