Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 ~ What I Did With My Day Off

7:22  Alarm goes off. Attempt to sleep in.

7:28  Billy starts crying.

7:32  Daddy asks if I want him to get Billy up, aka I need to be up in 5 minutes to make breakfast. No thanks. Sleeping in.

7:36  Billy quiets down.

7:45  Daddy comes in to ask question. Remind him again I still have the day off. Attempt to sleep in. Again.

7:55  Daddy comes in to tell me he's leaving and I have to get up to wait for the roofer who is, now, one hour late for his appointment.

7:56  Give up on sleeping in. Get up and get Billy up too. Go about our normal morning routine.

8:35  Call Doctor to make appointment for Billy. Suspect an ear infection.

8:45  Ready to go to daycare, but continue to wait for the roofer.

9:00  Give up on the roofer and go to daycare.

9:15 Drop Billy at Daycare.

9:30 Arrive at Old Navy to buy swim trunks for Billy since the pool opens this weekend. Have a coupon. Pick up an outfit for myself- mother's prerogative.

10:15 Pick up Billy from Daycare to take to doctor's.

10:30 Have appointment with Doctor. Billy has a raging ear infection. Shocker.

11:00 Drive Billy back to Daycare.

11:10 Call Daddy to tell him about the ear infection.

11:15  Go to Sam's Club to drop off the prescription. They don't have it. Effing son of a monkey's mother.

11:17  Call Doctor and get him to send prescription over to the pharmacy at his office. Contemplate why I didn't just wait there for it.

11:45 Finish buying all of the groceries and baby products we needed from Sam's that Daddy forgot to buy when he was there two days ago. Came home with 50lbs of sausage instead of diapers.

12:00 Drive back over to the doctor's. Remember that I've had to pee for an hour.

12:15 Drive home before the groceries bake in the car.

12:30 Unpack melty groceries. Actually pee.

12:40 Change from cloudy chilly morning outfit to holy crap it's hot afternoon outfit.

12:45 Eat breakfast. Krispie Kremes. Yum. Reheated coffee. Um.

1:00  Vacuum. Had to be done.

1:20  Attempt to finish Buddy's haircut that I started last week. The clipper died and I took it apart to repair it- apparently not so successfully. Make a mental note to buy new clipper. Lament over Buddy's half-haircut.

2:00 Run errand to Rite Aid.

2:20 Run errand to Home Depot.

3:00 Pick Billy up from Daycare for the LAST time today.

3:30 Play with Grandma and Billy in the backyard.

5:30 Finally meet with the roofer.

6:30 Feed Billy dinner.

8:00 Put Billy to bed.

8:15 Blog.

And now?

To finally sit down. Just kidding- I've got stuff to do. I guess it's true...a Mom's work is never done.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012 ~ Why?

Whoever taught my one-year old to answer a direct command with the question, "why?" needs to be taken outback and beaten. Not literally. But you know what I mean. He's one. The answer to "Billy, pick up your toys" should be "Yes, Mama" not "why?" Can I answer a one-year-old with "because I said so?" Probably not. And I'm SO not ready for that.

Billy is in a class of all girls and one other boy. I suspect the sweet little girls in his class. They are darling, but you know, in the middle of their terrible twos and can really turn in to little witches when the mood strikes them. (So can boys-even Billy, btw.) The boys seem to just hit each other and the girls talk back. It's a good thing they grow out of that. Oh, wait...

So, I have a question for the jokester that started Billy on this path. Why? Why, why, why????????????

Let's learn Billy!

Rah-rah: rabbit
Ray-rah: raisins
Rah: robin

Drawn In Thursdays: Things Kids Do #6

Click to Enlarge

Billy really tried to lather his skin like sunscreen or moisturizer with ketchup. He has also tried it with mustard and other dipping sauces, not to mention bubbles.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drawn In Postponed

Drawn In will be postponed until lunchtime on Thursday.

Please check back after 12:30pm for your weekly dose of silly Billy.

Sorry about the delay!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 ~ First Bubble Bath

Today I gave Billy his first bubble bath. He was so thrilled he couldn't wait to get in. "Bubbles!"
Billy loves bubbles. LOVES.

Once he got in he refused to sit down in the tub. He crouched instead. The bubbles obscured the bottom of the tub, but really, he watched the tub fill with bubbles and water, so I don't know why he refused to sit.

My first instinct in a bubble bath is to splash around and pick up bubbles in my hands. Generally the normal thing, right? Billy? He picked up a huge handful of bubbles and... wham! Shoved them in his mouth. Oh, wait... those taste like yuck! He spat them out and then tried to wipe off his mouth, but his hand was covered in bubbles and he ended up with another mouthful of bubbles. Yuck! He spat them out and then tried to wipe them off with his bubble-covered hand again!

Mommy to the rescue! I wiped off his mouth and tossed some toys into the tub. When did bubbles look appetizing?

You would think that Billy had had enough of eating bubbles, right? Wrong! The next thing I know he grabbed a toy cup, filled it with water and bubbles and took a sip. It was disgusting so he spat it out immediately. Then he started giggling. That was pretty funny. Had enough bubbles in the mouth? No! He goes to drink it again!

Ok, Mommy intervention. Cups go away.

At that point he'd had enough. Not with eating bubbles, just with the whole bath in general. Time to get out and go cause toddler mayhem elsewhere!

May 21, 2012 ~ The Ultimate Toddler Mine

Billy is in the "mine" phase. He sees something that he wants, and regardless of actual ownership, claims "mine!" and wants it immediately. Yesterday he offered Daddy his last yogurt bite (snack candy), not realizing it was the last one in the bowl. When he did realize, Daddy had already swallowed it. Too bad. Billy decided it was "mine!" and demanded it back. Good luck with that little man.

Today I had to change the crib sheets so we were playing in his room. As usual, I made a pile of his crib  loveys on the floor. He has a bunch in the crib as any given time, so it's easier to change the sheets if I remove them all.

Well, that started Billy in on a pillow pile- an old game we play. But Pillow Pile suddenly became a new game. "Mine! Pile".

He gathered all of his loveys from around the room and all of his books from his bookshelf into the middle of the floor, climbed on top of the pile and proclaimed, "Mine!"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012 ~ Big Protector Mamma

I don't know if there is a "Be Afraid of EVERYTHING" stage in kids' development, but Billy is in it right now.

Things he fears, in no particular order:
the dark
dog hair
the lawn mower
something not being "mine"

I'm sure there's more, but this is what I can think of offhand.

A few days ago he had his first about of fear with the dark and needed me to sleep by his side with a protective arm around him the whole night (lost our power- no light).

Well, he loves to watch people mow from a distance. But today Daddy fired up the lawn mower right next to the porch. Billy jumped with fear and darted behind my chair. Yep, they're loud up close. He wanted to watch Daddy mow, but he was scared. I picked him up and held him so he could watch, but holding 30 pounds of squirmy gets old after awhile.

So, I put him on the ground and crouched behind him. This was only acceptable if I wrapped me arms around him. Which I did. Every time I removed a hand to point to something, or scratch my nose, he would firmly take my arm and place back across him. In hindsight, crouching in jeans was a bad idea. Ok for a few minutes, not for the whole lawn.

So, I ended up relocating to a chair to save my legs. Billy was ok with this, as long as he got to sit in my lap with my arms wrapped around him.

Mowing is the most fascinating thing to him right now, and he didn't want to go do something else, but he had to have protector Mama there to keep him safe from the big bad mower.