Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012 ~ George

"George was a good little monkey and always very curious."

Nope, not that George.

Daddy took Billy to Build-a-Bear this morning. That would be the store where you get to make your own stuffed animal, with the cutest ones always being the most expensive. And, of course, they've got you over a barrel, since the kid picks out the animal and you can't disappoint your kid.

Here's a hint- the kids will always pick the cuter ones.

Billy picked a kitty.

They pulled out the skinned cat.

Have you done this before? Because it's actually kind of creepy. And no, I wasn't there this morning but yes I have done it before.

Then, you put a heart in your unstuffed animal and make a wish. Then they proceed to stuff the animal skin (not real animal, but it looks like a pelt anyway).

Now you have your animal. And now you get to walk through the aisle of exorbitantly prices clothes and accessories and dress your animal. I mean, you can't send them out into the world naked, can you?

Then you get to go to the computer and make the birth certificate for your animal and name it. Billy named his cat "George". Billy really liked the big orange button on the machine. That's the reset button. Daddy really didn't like the big orange button on the machine.

So, Billy came home with George in a box.

"No, Mommy. It's George's house."

Oh, right. The box has little windows cut out and pictures on it to make it look like a house. George had to stay in the box because that was his house.

It was naptime.

So, Billy went to bed with George, still in the box. Yes, my toddler it sleeping, cuddling with a cardboard box with a stuffed cat inside named George.

I think that about sums it up.

December 27, 2012 ~ The Visit

Here's Billy playing in the costume bin.

Why is the car there? Well, Billy has decided that our tv room is a drive-in movie theater. To watch a movie he has to sit in his car. It's terribly cute, and yes I tried to get a picture of him watching Cars in his Big Red Racecar but so far they don't really look like anything and if I get up to get a better angle he gets out to see what I'm up to.

Anyways, we had over A and J for dinner (and their parents of course).

Billy showed off his new toys. Ate the melon and prosciutto and other goodies I put out and had a merry old time.

Santa had left presents under the tree for A and J. They are Jewish, but just because Santa doesn't stop at their house, doesn't mean that Santa doesn't have presents for Jewish friends too. Billy wanted to open those two gifts on Christmas morning, but I explained that since they don't have a Christmas tree, Santa had to leave them at our house.

So they came over for a little post-holiday party and to open gifts. We were at their house for Hanukkah so we got to share traditions, which was lots of fun.

We all had a lovely time and the kids wore each other out so that by the time bedtime rolled around, all of the kids passed out. Now, that's my kind of party.

December 26, 2012 ~ The Vacuum From Hell

While I had made plans for the day after Christmas, Mother Nature decided to make other plans. A freak snow storm blew up, bringing ice and snow and hazardous conditions that the weathermen had not predicted. So, we stayed in.

This gave Billy an opportunity to play with his new toys- all except for the Big Red Racecar. That is really an outside toy, and while I let him run it back and forth for a few minutes inside, it really belongs out on the street.

So, we had to content ourselves with other toys and new movies from Santa.

Also, a little red vacuum cleaner given to him by my aunt. We had gone to her house for dinner the night before to see her and my uncle and all of their kids and grandkids. Billy had taken a shine to this little vacuum cleaner. Since all of her grandkids have outgrown it and he seemed to like it, she gave it to him. It was very nice and very thoughtful.

Only, I didn't know it was... the Vacuum From Hell!

Billy was pushing it around and all of a sudden it turned itself on for a moment. After further inspection it had an on/off button and a battery compartment.

"Mommy, fix it."

I don't do "fix it" unless I have to, so I called in the big guns. "Daddy!"

Daddy installed some new batteries and voile! It worked. Crap! It worked.

Billy proceeded to 'vacuum' (it's only a toy but man do I wish it did clean up the dirt, even a half-assed attempt to pick it up would be worth it.) He vacuumed the whole upstairs and downstairs. Twice. Oh and did I mention it's as loud as a real vacuum. Oh yeah, that loud. All. Day. Long.

Finally, I put the Vacuum From Hell in time out. Billy didn't understand. So, I explained it. Billy, you're not in time out. But Vacuum From Hell gave Mommy a headache- a booboo in the head- so it has to go in time out for doing that.

Remind me never again to "fix" the broken batteries.

(And yes, this is his favorite toy of all of his Christmas presents, besides the Big Red Racecar. It was very kind of my aunt to give it to him and he loves it. However, I will proceed to call it the Vacuum From Hell, because with batteries in it, it's as loud as Hell.)

Christmas 2012

We ran into Billy's room to wake him up (remember, he was up late) and tell him that Santa had been to the house. He jumped up, excited, and ran out of his room. But when he got to the hallway he tiptoed, slowly, quietly, hugging the wall. At the end of the hallway he peeked around the corner to see into the living room.
"Mommy, where Santa? Santa not stay?"
He was so disappointed that Santa wasn't standing in our living room with the bag of toys slung over his back. Poor guy, it's hard to understand why Santa would bring all of these toys but not stay for a visit. This, by the way, is what he saw:

Billy noticed the milk and cookies were gone. But no Santa. He nervously approached the car, but didn't want to touch it, not without Santa's permission. So Daddy ripped the bow off and put Billy in the car.

I have video but it continues and CONTINUES to process on Youtube. Please look on my youtube sidebar for the video of Billy driving the car for the first time. And yes, it's a real car. Gas pedal makes it go 1.2 miles per hour (I should say battery pedal, since it is electric).

Here's the youtube link, whenever they decide it can bacome active:

He also got his requested frying pan (a toy one) and lots of other toys.

For the first time EVER in my life we didn't have anywhere to go after opening presents. Billy got to play with his play dough set, his car, he other toys and then head off to nap, all still in his pajamas. It was amazing. Not that I don't enjoy seeing family, but having never had a Christmas without driving all over the Mid-Atlantic it was very nice and very calm. And Billy got his cursory nap and was ready to go party once he woke up.

Party, did you say party? Why yes, yes I did.

Most Christmas nights we go to my aunt's house for dinner. It was lovely, as always. She and my Uncle have many kids and many more grandkids. Billy had a ton of fun playing with his cousins, even if they are all older. Dinner was fabulous.

And, of course, Billy got to sit at the big table until he is old enough to sit with the kiddos. So, he listened to the conversation and then asked if we could all sing happy birthday. (Remember, it's Jesus' birthday). So, a table full of adults broke into a chorus of "Happy Birthday!" for the baby Jesus.

Then he told us all about "Buddy poop snow!"

December 24, 2012 ~ "Buddy Poop Snow!"

Christmas Eve brought with it the first snow of the year and Billy's first white Christmas. He woke up from nap to the white stuff everywhere. When he went to sleep the world was green, and when he woke up the world was white and snow was falling from the sky.

We were watching out the back window and I had let Buddy go outside to do his business. Which, of course, being a dog, he did.

"Mommy, Buddy poop snow!" [toddler translation- Buddy pooped in the snow]

Yes, Billy. Buddy goes outside for the potty. We've had this talk many times and he repeated it once and thought nothing more of it.

Then it was time to run off to Church. Our Church has a Children's Mass on Christmas Eve in the late afternoon. This works out well to get the religious stuff done first. Then there's no rushing out the door Christmas morning and crying about new toys sitting there unopened. I don't know anything about that.

Well, I had been explaining to Billy that we were going to Jesus' birthday party. Close enough. We rarely go to Mass (I'll explain why in a moment) and he's too young to really get the meaning of Christmas. But he does know about birthday parties and giving presents to others for their birthday. And officially, Christmas is Jesus' birthday celebration (even if scholars now believe it was during the summer, this is when we celebrate).

Most importantly he wanted to see the baby Jesus.

Daddy hadn't finished his shopping so we were late to Mass. But we still made it. And honestly, 1.5 hours in Church with a toddler is a lot to ask of the toddler.

Twenty minutes in Church is a lot to ask of a toddler.

And so, right in the middle of the Consecration of the Gifts, Billy shouts, "Buddy poop snow!"

Yeah, that's my kid. Ash Wednesday he shouted that he wanted "Caca!" (cracker) and Christmas it's "Buddy poop snow!" Luckily, Daddy didn't understand what he said, so I'm hoping few others understood either.

That prompted a trip to the potty.

When we got back to the pew Billy refused to sit still. Daddy walked him around. Then me. We did the whole Eucharist bit and then went to see baby Jesus. One of the chapels has a nativity scene in it up on the altar.

I think Billy was disappointed that baby Jesus wasn't a real baby, but a statue. Still, it was dark, lit only by candles and lanterns and the sounds of the choir echoing in from the main part of the Cathedral. I asked him if he wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

He whispered, "Happy Birthday, baby Jesus!"


We also attended a Christmas party after Church with Grandma in the treacherous snow. Billy had a grand time and was up well past his bedtime playing with the children of my oldest and dearest friend.

December 23, 2012 ~ Baking Cookies

It was my brilliant plan to make rolled sugar cookies to give to Santa. I thought Billy would enjoy the activity. Grandma has a kitchen better suited for baking with a toddler (we have a wall oven and limited counter space- she has a regular oven and a big table perfect for rolling out cookies).

So, while Billy napped I made the dough and chilled it. I have to say, that using the Joy of Cooking's basic rolled cookie recipe we got a bland dough. Usually I use Martha Stewart's recipe but tried something different this year. We'll be going back to Martha next year.

Anyways, I took him over to Grandma's and let him pick out his favorite cookie cutters from her stash. He, of course, wanted the plain circles. I insisted on making shaped cookies that didn't look store bought, so I made him pick out the standard Christmas fare and some of the more unusal ones (Like an axe. Who wants an axe-shaped cookie? Grandma says it's for Washington's birthday. I can't recall ever making cookies for that, but whatever floats you boat, right?)

Billy liked the part about getting flour everywhere. He also liked pressing into the dough with the cutters, but didn't have the strength to cut all the way through the dough. Mommy had to do that for him. And he got to watch them bake. But the best part, or course, was eating them.

My Apologies

It's been a week since you've gotten a new post, but Daddy got a new computer game last week, meaning that I have had zero access to the computer. He must beat a game and food, sleep and all other activities are pushed to the side until he beats it, including my blogging. He still hasn't beaten it, but he had to go out so... woohoo! blogger time!