Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

We ran into Billy's room to wake him up (remember, he was up late) and tell him that Santa had been to the house. He jumped up, excited, and ran out of his room. But when he got to the hallway he tiptoed, slowly, quietly, hugging the wall. At the end of the hallway he peeked around the corner to see into the living room.
"Mommy, where Santa? Santa not stay?"
He was so disappointed that Santa wasn't standing in our living room with the bag of toys slung over his back. Poor guy, it's hard to understand why Santa would bring all of these toys but not stay for a visit. This, by the way, is what he saw:

Billy noticed the milk and cookies were gone. But no Santa. He nervously approached the car, but didn't want to touch it, not without Santa's permission. So Daddy ripped the bow off and put Billy in the car.

I have video but it continues and CONTINUES to process on Youtube. Please look on my youtube sidebar for the video of Billy driving the car for the first time. And yes, it's a real car. Gas pedal makes it go 1.2 miles per hour (I should say battery pedal, since it is electric).

Here's the youtube link, whenever they decide it can bacome active:

He also got his requested frying pan (a toy one) and lots of other toys.

For the first time EVER in my life we didn't have anywhere to go after opening presents. Billy got to play with his play dough set, his car, he other toys and then head off to nap, all still in his pajamas. It was amazing. Not that I don't enjoy seeing family, but having never had a Christmas without driving all over the Mid-Atlantic it was very nice and very calm. And Billy got his cursory nap and was ready to go party once he woke up.

Party, did you say party? Why yes, yes I did.

Most Christmas nights we go to my aunt's house for dinner. It was lovely, as always. She and my Uncle have many kids and many more grandkids. Billy had a ton of fun playing with his cousins, even if they are all older. Dinner was fabulous.

And, of course, Billy got to sit at the big table until he is old enough to sit with the kiddos. So, he listened to the conversation and then asked if we could all sing happy birthday. (Remember, it's Jesus' birthday). So, a table full of adults broke into a chorus of "Happy Birthday!" for the baby Jesus.

Then he told us all about "Buddy poop snow!"

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