Friday, May 17, 2013

May 16, 2013 ~ Love of Gloves

You would think with the weather turning warm that Billy would want to dress for the season. But, he's two and has no concept of the seasons or how to dress for them.


But he does have a love of gloves.

He went to bed with his gloves on and, yes, you guessed it, woke up with the gloves still on. He loves his gloves and he doesn't care if it feels like summer.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 14, 2013 ~ Cold Spring

It's still cold, despite almost being summer. We were over at Grandma's and she was going through her hat/scarf collection. These were in a pile to give to Billy, who immediately decided to wear them. He wore them to play. He wore them to eat dinner. He wore them drinking from his Hello Kitty mug.

With his dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, cap, preppy scarf and a mug in his hand he looked like he was ready for college. Today: daycare. Next stop: Harvard.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013 ~ Brush Brush Brush

Billy likes to brush his own hair (read: mess it up). But never before has be attempted to brush the hair on any of his toys. Just wasn't interested.

While in Florida Billy witnessed his godmother brushing Baby B's hair.

And at bedtime Billy declared we couldn't go to sleep until he had brushed the "hair" of every stuffed animal he owned that was baby-sized. (We've got some bigger ones).

He only brushed the top of their heads, then laid them down in a row with binkies and blankets.

Pretty sure he's got babies on the brain.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Florida Trip 2013

You've probably noticed a lack of posting. We've been in Florida.

Originally, Billy wasn't supposed to go with me. But due to two booked flights and a scheduling conflict (read miscommunication about travel) Billy was going to have to stay home by himself. I tried to talk Buddy into babysitting- hell Nana watched the Darling children (although there was that part where the kids ran off to Neverland), but Buddy had more important things to do like ball chasing and barking.

So, Billy got to go with me to Florida to visit with his godparents and their new baby.

I don't post photos of other peoples' children on this blog, so I won't be posting any photos of Billy with Baby B. However, I will tell you about it.

Billy really likes his new little friend. He tried to give Baby B his own binkies to help sooth him. Of course, Billy's binkies are way too big for an infant, and also Baby B doesn't use binkies. Billy brought him all sorts of toys- even dragged his swing out from another room for the baby. He also got the chance to feed the baby a bottle and hold him at the same time. Billy loved that.

He also got to be a big boy for four days. He slept in a real bed- not a toddler bed- and he had to share it with Mommy (3am: poked in the eye, "Mommy are you awake?") He drank from regular cups and ate off of regular plates and bowls. His godparents aren't toddler ready yet- although they'll get there soon enough.

Billy's godparents also have a community pool that Billy got to swim in. At first he was terrified. Tired is probably a better word. He didn't want in. But finally he jumped into my arms to a round of applause from all of the other people at the pool.

There was a little girl there from Bosnia with her grandparents. She didn't speak any English. But she and Billy swam together in the pool. She shared her pool toys with him. They held hands while I held up Billy and her grandmother held her up.

Billy is certain he can swim now. He kept saying, "Mommy, let go!" He was thrashing his arms and legs in a good rendition of a doggy paddle. However, I was not about to let me toddler sink. So, no. I never let go. He's not quite ready for that yet.

Fear? none. He jumped into my arms from the pool's edge over 20 times. He thinks that's just so much fun. We used to do that last year at the pool. Only, he's a lot heavier now. I don't think my back will ever recover. Ouch!


So, there we are in Florida. And Billy's godparents live within driving distance of Disney World. You didn't think I'd fly Billy all the way down to the area and NOT take Billy?

My first memories are of Disney. My parents took me as a toddler, so I already had an idea of what rides would suit a 2 year old and how to plan my day. We got there shortly after the park opened.

Disney was a genius, by the way. You park your car, hop on a tram ride, then take a ferry boat all before you even get to the park. How cool is that when you're 2?

His first ride was the Jungle Boat Cruise.

He liked it okay. Obviously, the humor of this ride is lost on someone so small. But, it was a good way to break him in to Disney.

Next up: Pirates of the Caribbean. Okay, I know what you're saying. "That's scary!" All the parents in line were pointing at Billy and saying to their own kids, "see? He's not afraid!" Billy's been talking about pirates ever since the pirate festival a few weeks ago, so we had to do the ride.

He was cool until the boat drifted into the dark past a couple of skeletons. His little hand shot out to hold onto my knee. "Don't be scared," I whispered. "It's scary because it's dark," he told me. So, I put him in my lap. After that he thought it was really cool. "Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A pirate's life for me!"

Then it was off to the Tiki Room. It helps that they are all next to each other. A lot of people don't know the Tiki Room. I loved this as a child and still love it as an adult. It's very simple. It's a large round Tiki hut and the audience sits on benches around the room facing the center. There are parrots and hanging baskets of flowers in the ceiling and the birds and flowers sing a song to the audience. Then the tikis and the totem poles join in and when the song ends the show is over. Billy LOVED it. (photo is outside the show, waiting in line and watching the talking birds).

It was, as you might imagine, hot as Hades. There's no better way to beat the Florida sun, than with a Mickey Mouse ice cream.

When I was a toddler I made my parents ride the next attraction 13 times in a row with me. I have to imagine there wasn't a line, since a half hour wait for each time would take up the whole day. But it's the perfect ride of a kid- it's about kids from around the world. "It's a small world..."

Oh, yeah. I think the faces and the pointing says it all. "Again, Mommy?" Not with those lines.

Disney has thing thing called the Fast Pass. Basically, you get a ticket to come back to the ride later and not have to wait in line for very long. That works out well, unless you've got a little person past his nap time and you're not sure how long you're going to last in the park. But he really wanted to ride on the flying boats, so I went to get a Fast Pass for the Peter Pan ride. Disney is doing a "Happy Birthday" celebration. When we walked up to get a fast pass for Peter Pan (the standby wait was over an hour... for Peter Pan, really?) A cast member handed me two passes to get on right then and wished us a "Happy Birthday!" Okay, a little weird, but whatever. Billy liked the flying boats. Daddy has yet to hook up the VCR, though, so Billy has never seen the movie and doesn't know the story.

He wasn't going to let me walk past this, so we had to get on. (The merry-go-round).

After this we went over to the Pooh Bear ride. The line was SUPPOSED to be 20 minutes. But, apparently, someone got stuck trying to get off the ride, so they had to shut it down for awhile and it was a very long wait. But we were already half way through the line, so we waited and waiting. Billy waved at every character he saw on the ride, especially Pooh.

The best ride to end on for a toddler?

How about a flying elephant? They have an entirely new waiting system for this ride. You walk into the big top, get a buzzer like from a restaurant, and your kid goes and plays in the indoor playground until the buzzer tells you it's your turn to get on the ride. Cool, huh?

Before we left the park we walked through all of the lands and stopped to have a snack on Main Street. Where better to have a snack, than in the shadow of the castle?

And the last thing to do before leaving the park? A stop in the toy store. Can't go to Disney and not get a souvenir. I told him he could have anything in the toy store. So, he immediately picked up a box bigger than him of a Cinderella's Castle playset. Okay, you can have any stuffed animal in the toy store. Aah... much better! He found a baby Pooh Bear wrapped in a swaddling blanket. That's what he picked.

This last picture is from the tram ride back to the car. I think he had fun.


Let's not forget the plane ride. Billy got to fly! Boy, did he love that. He had only one problem with flying- sitting still. Ears- no biggie. Loved the peanuts. Next time, though, I think I need to bring more toys!