Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Holiday Photos

December 30, 2011 ~ The Chobani Spokesbaby

This morning Daddy took Billy on an adventure downtown. I got Billy all dressed up for his outing.

Had to make sure he was in Raven's purple for Purple Friday.

When I got home after lunch Daddy and Billy were back from their outing. Billy was crying in his crib and it was already close to 2. Daddy didn't realize he was hungry and needed lunch before nap (Daddy is hopelessly forgetful of these things even if he doesn't mean to be.)

I got him up and gave him his favorite food of all time. If he could eat it for every meal I think he would. He even knows where I keep it in the refrigerator and if I open the door he grabs it and runs. Yup, it's yogurt- specifically Chobani. He eats Chobani every single day without fail.

Today, he was doing a pretty good job of feeding himself with the spoon so I let him feed himself lunch. I turned my back for a minute and...

He ditched the spoon and went for the bare-hand method. Somehow, he managed to empty the entire contents using just one hand. With a photo like this, I am nominating Billy as the Chobani Spokesbaby. As spokesbaby, Billy says for everyone to run out and buy more yogurt- for him! No worries, Billy... Mommy has an entire shelf in the fridge devoted to yogurt.

After a late lunch I sent Billy off to actually take his nap. He's got a cold and didn't sleep well at all last night. Also, Mommy didn't sleep well at all last night. But that's what happens with a crabby Billy that wants to be held all night long. He took a long nap, got up for dinner and cried until he went to bed for the night. He was so tired he only wanted to wake up for food.

Here's wishing you a very happy last day of 2011. See you in 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011 ~ A Visit To Billy's Girlfriend

If you can believe it, it snowed at our house today. It was too warm to lay, but somehow little patches of white appeared on the yard and on the deck. Of course, Billy saw snow last winter, but that is so long ago I know he doesn't remember. He stared out the window pointing, "look, look!" at the tiny flakes. I even opened the back door so he could look out of the glass on the storm door to see the snow hit the deck and dissolve. It was fascinating to him.

We also played with the Bell Box today, which he hasn't done in many days. It still astounds me that he can change the songs and has clear preferences. The Christmas songs are ok, but the songs you would here on a calliope at the circus are his favorites and he will turn the knobs until he finds them. They are mostly polkas, so I think perhaps it's the rhythm that is appealing. Who knows? Why does he like classical over rock as well? I don't know. He didn't get that from me.

I've been trying to expose him to all kinds of music but I have to admit that I've been a little lacking. He loves classical. I let him listen to rock and dance music. He loves the songs in Disney movies (ok, that he did get from me.) I make him listen to Irish music and Native American music. I have Spanish and African music for him too. But, I don't have country. It's not that I don't like country, but it's not a preference of mine and I don't own any country music to share with him. But, in the spirit of Grandpop, I think I will have to make sure he at least has some Bluegrass music to listen to. (Grandpop was in a Bluegrass band many moons ago.)

For dinner we went to visit our friends, who just happen to be the parents of Billy's girlfriend. She is a few weeks (but not a month!) older than Billy. The last time they saw each other was for Billy's birthday party. I dressed Billy in his plaid pants and a baby boy blue sweater. His girlfriend was dressed in a baby girl pink sweater with cute girl print pants. Totally by accident they were dressed in their respective colors. They looked like baby models for a clothing line. It was too funny (and I forgot my camera, so sorry no pics). She is just a bit smaller and they kind of look like twins. They are often mistaken for twins when we go out, in fact.

Billy has a new habit of running to the door and waving "bye, bye" when he is ready to go. He was so tired at the end of dinner that he informed us it was time for bed. He's been to enough parties over the last two weeks that it wasn't a fluke, he tells us when we need to take him home. Works for me. I would rather he tell me than have a crankypants.

December 28, 2011 ~ Bare Bottom Hijinks

We started the morning with brunch with friends. Billy was very well behaved. When we came home with the same friends, family came to visit. It was a lot of excitement and Billy got off schedule.

He normally takes a nap around lunchtime, but was way past that by the time we actually got him to sleep. Then he only slept for an hour, waking up at the usual time, but without getting enough sleep. The result? Crankypants.

He was so tired that he was unhappy with everything. The only way I could get him to settle was to dance around the living room with him on my hip. Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha... didn't matter so long as I kept moving to the beat. Let me tell you, a good way to lose the baby weight is to dance around with a 30lb weight on your hip. Just try keeping the weight on and doing that on a regular basis.

After he got bored with dancing it was on to playing ball with Buddy. I know, I know. No balls in the house. Billy has a large bouncing ball that we were throwing down the hall for Buddy to chase after. Billy would chase too, although Buddy is much faster. Buddy would then get the ball stuck and Billy would say, "oh, noh!"

Grandma came over for a short visit, but while she was here it became apparent that Billy needed another nap. He was laying down on the floor and trying to sleep amongst his toys. We tried to put him to bed, but he ended up unhappily babbling about it in his crib during quiet time. After quiet time I rocked him a little to get him to settle. He smiled and cooed the whole time, thrilled to get some close Mommy time. He was much happier after that.

His unhappy belly over the holidays means that he has an unhappy bottom, so after bath time we had some bare bottom time. Normally, I restrict him to his bedroom (or the deck in summer) but today I let him run around. He thought it was too fun and had me chasing him all over the house. Suddenly, he started doing the Pee Dance. Normally I throw a diaper on him when I see the Pee Dance. But Daddy decided to try the potty this time. We got his stool and tried to stand him up in front of the toilet. The problem was that he wanted to sit on his stool, because stools are clearly for sitting. Daddy tried and tried- Mommy being banished because this was "boy stuff". No Go. Daddy let him run around some more, but he continued with his Pee Dance. We threw a diaper on him and he let fly.

Daddy is disappointed, but I am thrilled. I know he didn't pee in the pot, but he did hold it and wait for his diaper. That's a mark in the win column for me.

A strange thing did happen during bath time. He kept pointing down the hall saying, "Look, look! Momma, look!" Of course, the hallway was empty. I said, "What? What do you see? Do you see something? Do you see someone?" But he just kept pointing, eyes trained on something and said, "I no no". (I don't know in Billy speak).

It's not the first time he's done it and I have no idea what he's seeing. I do believe in ghosts, but then, I've also seen Billy have a conversation with a red Christmas bow. I don't know what to make of it. The only thing in the hallway is the hall light, which is higher than his eye line when he does this. Who knows? It's a mystery. I just hope he learns to tell me what it is that he sees, or grows out of this phase of seeing something where there's nothing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011 ~ Troubles, Tantrums and Peanuts

Billy has a new phrase; oh, noh. To everything he says this. He points at the Christmas tree and says, "oh, noh." He drops a piece of food and says, "oh, noh." We ask him to do something he doesn't want to do and he says, "oh, noh."

Today was the day of tantrums. He was tired but only took one nap and not a long one. I heard a lot of "oh, nohs". At one point Daddy was downstairs and Billy wanted to go through the closed basement door to join him. I told him no. He got so mad that he tried to bite the door, which didn't work out so well for him.

Billy got to try whole peanuts for the first time today. He thought they were so tasty that he tried to take the container of peanuts away from me. He refused to eat his lunch because he wanted peanuts. He turned down his favorite foods for peanuts.

After lunch I had a wet cloth in my hand to wipe up. He wanted the cloth so I gave it to him. He wiped up his own tray for me, just like he's seen me do at the end of every meal, every day. He was very impressed with himself and picked up each crumb and dropped it on the floor for Buddy.

After dinner we were playing in the living room around the Christmas tree. Billy decided to sneak behind the furniture to get to the back of the tree. He was poking at the ornaments on the back of the tree when all of a sudden, the one he was poking fell off of the tree. He was overcome with a look of abject terror and said, staring at his feet, "oh, noh!"

Daddy and I just laughed.

December 26, 2011 ~ Wagon and Dragon

Daddy got up with Billy this morning so that I could sleep in a little. They played with some Christmas toys and watched his new movie, Beauty and the Beast. He wasn't all that interested in his new movie, since it wasn't Tangled.

He was all hugs when i got up and only wanted Mommy. As it turns out, a diet of cookies and crackers causes tummy troubles. Who would have thought? So, he was feeling a little under the weather and Mommy and Daddy had double diaper duty.

He was so tired from yesterday that he was ready for his nap at 11am and slept until almost two. When he got up we went outside to watch Daddy work on the roof. Billy picked up the biggest stick that he could find, nearly twice his height, and dragged it all over the yard and the court.

While we were playing in the court I heard a loud engine noise. I grabbed Billy tightly just in time to see an SUV barrel into the court and swing wildly past us only a few feet away, nearly clipping the car we were standing next to. Billy had been running out from behind the parked car just when I grabbed him and might not be with us if I hadn't heard the SUV before we saw it. The blonde woman drove off in a hurry and parked up at the top of the court. Then she waited with her engine on until a man jogged down the cross street and came up to her car. They had a long conversation, exchanged something. He ran back the way he had come and she drove off. We don't live in a neighborhood with much crime, but it was very suspicious. Billy wanted to go investigate, but I kept him away from the top of the court.

Not long after Grandpop came to visit and brought Billy his presents. He got a dragon and a wagon. I have officially named the dragon Smog, which is taller than Billy. The wagon is a little red push cart just the size for Billy to push around, but too small for him to ride in. It's clearly for Smog to go for joy rides in the court.

Right after Grandpop arrived Billy laid down on the floor right at my feet and didn't want to get up. Nap Time #2. I had to wake him up (in his crib) for us to go out to dinner. We went first to the Macaroni Grill, but they were so rude about taking our name that we left and went to Chilis, where there was no wait.

He wasn't hungry, but had a grand time tossing paper napkins on the floor and talking to the other babies at the restaurant. I think he was too tired to eat. When we came home he went right to bed and fell asleep immediately.

In fact, that sounds likes a great idea,

Monday, December 26, 2011

December 25, 2011 ~ Ho, Ho, Ho! Here We Go!

Last night after Mass and a Christmas party I got Billy ready for Santa. I put him in his green PJs and showed him the tree with no presents under it and all about Santa. We put out a plate of cookies and Billy couldn't wait to get to sleep.

When he woke up this morning he ran right into the living room and opened a present from Santa. Our house must have been Santa's last stop, since he left 5 of his deer in our yard. We watched them eat breakfast before going back to presents. Billy was very happy with his haul.

After present opening it was time to become human yoyos. This is what I always called myself as a child on Christmas, because divorced parents meant that I zinged from one place to the next, barely stopping to breath.

We left all of the mess and presents in the living room, sent Buddy off with Grandma, got dressed in a flash and drove clear down to Virginia to be there by noon. We had a nice long visit with Daddy's family.

Then we zinged back up north of our house to another relative's for dinner. Billy had an awesome time seeing all of his cousins and feasting on cookies.

By the time we got home it was after ten. Billy was wound up the whole ride home, but once he was in his room he went ahead and put himself to sleep. He's had a very long, very busy day. Tomorrow he will get to play with his toys for the first time.

Merry Christmas!