Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Twas The Night Before Easter

Twas the night before Easter
And all through the house
The eggs were all dyed
stripes and flowers and one even looked like a mouse.
The baskets were placed by the back door with care
In hopes that the Easter Bunny soon would be there.
The children were tucked all snug in their beds
while visions of chocolate bunnies danced in their heads.
And Pa in his PJs and I in my gown
Had finished our running and just settled down.
When in the kids' bedroom there arose such a clatter
We sprang from our seats to see what was the matter.
Away to their door I flew with all speed
They were back asleep after one had gotten up and peed.
A late dinner awaited out on the deck.
It was a little too chilly, but hey, "what the heck?"
When out in the garden there was a flash of white fur.
He ran by so fast it was all just a blur.
With a cottonball tail and ears so funny
I knew in a moment it was the Easter Bunny!
He hopped up the step and hopped up one more.
Then then all a sudden he hopped through the door.
His fluffy fur was as white as snow.
And around his neck he wore a pink and yellow polka-dot bow.
And on his head a he wore a tophat
It held all the candy- it must be a magic hat!
Oh how it wiggled, that small bunny nose
And how long those feet, with their cute bunny toes.
His ears on his head reached up so high
A wonder they couldn't reach to the sky.
He filled each basket one by one
Then wiggled his nose when he was all done.
Choclates and peeps and candy galore.
But I thought to myself, "there must be some more!"
Then for each basket a final touch-
That chocolate bunny we all love so much.
Now he was finished and turned with a jerk.
Off to the kitchen to finish his work.
From the fridge he took the bowl of dyed eggs.
Then hopped out into the yard on his white, fuzzy legs.
He hid each one in the garden with care.
Under rocks, behind trees- he hid them with flare.
Then he winked at us and wiggled his nose
And dashed away beneath the primrose.
But I heard him exclaim as he hopped out of sight
"Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night!"

copyright Sharon White Hove 2012

April 6, 2012 ~ Gone Zooey

Well, I was going to write a really sober post about the importance of today. Good Friday, Passover, Opening Day, landmark dates in my own life...

But I'm going to skip the somber and go right for the trip to the zoo today. Who wants to talk about religion anyway? j/k

Grandpop and I took Billy to the zoo today. He hasn't been since he was a little thing and probably has no memory of it. They had a big Easter thing at the zoo today for kids, but we went after- Billy's too young for that stuff anyway.

First up... giraffes.

This one was eating so we got a nice view of his butt. So we went over to look at the other giraffe. He was standing next to the window. When Billy saw him all of the color drained from his face. The walls of the enclosures don't go to the ceiling so the giraffes can lean over. It did. Oh, the terror! But no screaming. I mean, Mommy wasn't afraid and Grandpop wasn't afraid. I had forgotten how tall they are in person. Must seem giant-sized to a pint-sized guy.

Then it was off to the elephants. They were swinging their trunks and dancing around for food. Billy pointed to each one, and again, and again. Boy, were they cool.

But, when you go to the zoo it's not to see the big animals. Oh, no. Big, scary, cool. But not why you go to the zoo. Every Billy knows the real reason you go to the zoo is to see MONKEYS!!! Before we even got up to the monkey house Billy started pointing and saying, "ee, ee!" No, there weren't any monkeys outside. And I don't think he can read yet- wait, I hope he can't read yet. There was only one monkey in the monkey house. Everybody else had gone in to dinner. But Billy pointed and said, "ee, ee!" (Recall that to Billy all things are known by what sound they make.)

Ok, one monkey is boring. So we went over to the chimpanzee exhibit next to the monkey house. I know chimps aren't monkeys, but since Billy seems to think all things round are balls and all things with wheels are Beepbeeps, let's just go with the "hey, at least it's in the same family" concept. The chimps were running and playing right in front of the window. He watched a pair scale the fenced wall. He was thrilled. THRILLED! Monkeys. That's what zoos are for.

Next to the chimp exhibit the same metal fence was enclosing some bamboo. Billy decided to try out his "monkey" skills and scale the fence like the chimps. It didn't work out. No opposable big toes. I think I'm ok with this...

And totally on theme and totally by accident, here's a video from this morning:

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5, 2012 ~ Keep On Clicking

You know, now that Billy is 18 months old, it occurs to me that I've taken.. oh, roughly 3,000 photos of him since he was born. That's a lot of photos. Probably more than have ever been taken of me in my whole life. Hell, probably double. I've taken so many that my computer is running out of room. Yeah, that many.

The funny thing is that I don't think I'm the 'clickiest' Mom out there. Just average. But digital makes it so easy to just keep popping off more shots until you get the perfect one. Of course, when it's your kid, every little thing is cute and you keep on clicking away.

I think back to the days of film. When I went to Ireland I shot a whopping 72 rolls of film. Granted, it was a photographic walkabout. So, there's that. You don't even want to know how much it cost to develop all of those rolls. Ok, I might have been the 'clickiest' on that trip. And I sure love to take pictures. But even that can't compare with the amount of pictures of just one small person that I have taken over a year and a half.

I think digital makes us all photo crazy. Seriously, there might be 10 really great photos of me as a small child. And my Mom has a photography degree. These days it's not a picture that's worth a thousand words, it's a word worth a thousand pictures. I see people taking photos everywhere with all sorts of devices. And it's instant gratification. Like a polaroid, but without all of the shaking. Instant. Who cares about a bowl of cereal? Ok, well, that potato photo on facebook this morning was totally worth it.

Meanwhile, you're probably wondering why this photo nut hasn't been posting photos either here or on facebook. You know, when you move it's the small things that disappear. Not my cameras. Those I can locate. Nope. Try, the battery chargers. Yup. Totally lost. Just found one yesterday. I possibly took a total of 25 photos in March to try to preserve the battery life so I could keep on clicking.

But now the charger is found and I can return to my click-mania. I know what you're thinking... "nut job!" Yeah, but he's just so cute!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012 ~ Mom's Night Off

It's rare that I get any time to myself. Now, don't get me wrong... I still made dinner, took Billy for a bike ride and did an hour's worth of chores all after work, plus an early start for Billy's check-up this morning. But, I decided it was high time to have some time...for myself.

I took a bubble bath. It's been literally years since I've taken a bubble bath. Too much to do, too many toys in the tub. I want to say some time in 2009? It's about time.

And I treated myself to a cup of tea. I ran out of my favorite tea over six months ago, but since it's a specialty tea I can only get it at select stores that I never go to- except to get this tea. I finally made it there and had a cup. Yum! (African Red Bush with Lemongrass)

And I read a book. No, not the whole book.

Ah, bubble bath, tea and book. So if I stay on schedule, I'll enjoy you all again in... 2015!

And your Billy moment for the day:

"Billy, are you tired?"
"Would you tell me if you were tired?"
"Do you want to read a book?"
Thinks about it for a moment... "yes."

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 ~ Jumping In Crib

Let's set the scene:

The room is all dark except for the planets glowing overhead from our planetary projector. Vivaldi's violins set the scene as spring and the sounds of waterfalls on distant African shores waft through the air. It's night; it's bedtime.

In the crib are all of the luvies a toddler could hope for. They line the edge of the crib. Blankets too. Soft ones, thin ones, heavy ones. And a baby pillow.

"More milk?" I ask as I rock him?

"No! Elmo book!" (Actually a Sesame Street book without Elmo in it, possibly from BEFORE Elmo...) Remember, it's dark. But he tries to read the "Elmo book" anyway. He gives up when he can't see the pictures. Oh, wait. Now the milk is appealing.

I put him down iin his crib after our usual bedtime routine. He lays down and is quiet while I walk out. Seconds later- screaming. So I go back in and he is sitting in his crib asking for a "MeMe". Not to be confused with a meme... MeMe is his binky. Then he wants his lamb, which is in the other room. Oh, and yellow bear too. I try to find his favorite- Tigger, but I think Tigger might have been left at church (!!!).

"Will you lay down?"


He stood up and asked to be picked up.

"No. It's bedtime."

Just then a lively classical tune was playing. He started dancing a jig in his crib. That got him to thinking...'if I can dance, can I bounce?' Hopping is his new thing. He loves to hop. So he walked to the center of the crib and started jumping up and down, giggling hysterically.

Cribs: not just for sleeping anymore.

He's finally asleep... what time is it?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012 ~ Eggs, Palms and Potato Chips

So, this weekend we took Billy to a warm location with palms and fed him eggs and potato chips. Haha, no. April Fools! (I'm the one fooled- I'd like to be in a tropical location...)

We started this morning with pancakes. I made pancakes and juice for Billy. Juice is always a big hit. The pancakes? One bite for me... the rest to Buddy, one bite for me, the rest to Buddy. So on and so on, until I gave up and no more pancakes. The juice set off a sugar high and Billy literally did jigs around the house, singing to himself.

Then we had a trip to Church. It's Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week and the day we get our palms (actual palm fronds). We gave Billy his own palm, grabbed a pew and hoped for the best. But he would not sit still. Daddy and I took turns walking him around Church. I really wanted to listen to the Mass since Cardinal O'Brien was saying it, but with a toddler, I got to hear very little.

Anyway, we discovered that Billy is obsessed with the statue of St. Vincent de Paul, who is holding a small child. He just wanted to stare at it. Daddy incorrectly informed him (unbeknownst to me) that the child was baby Jesus. So, Billy started calling the child baby Jays. He even tried multiple times to give his Yellow Bear to the baby.

After Church it was on to the Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood. We joined all of the kiddies to run around the field picking up eggs. Billy didn't quite get it. I would have to walk over and point at the egg. Then he would come over and pick it up and run around. Ooh, stick! Sticks are way more exciting than plastic eggs filled with candy. Somehow, Billy found an egg with a sticker in it. This meant he won a prize. I did not find it. I did point out the sealed egg for him to pick up, but had no idea of the contents. He is currently sleeping with the little lamb that he won, refusing to let go of it. He loves it! He also got to meet the Easter Bunny. Did you know how scary he is? At least he gives out awesome little lamb prizes.

After the egg hunt Grandma came over. Wait, did I hear a nap in there somewhere? He's one, where's the nap??? Yeah, no nap. We snuck in lunch. Be he refused to sleep. No nap. Super baby.

So, Grandma came over and brought with her a late lunch for herself. Bad move Grandma! Billy stole my lunch today and then went on to steal Grandma's! He ate ALL of her potato chips. He started with a few, kept going back over to her to get more, got the bag, ate everything out of the bag (single serving bag), then started sneaking them off of her plate. Yep. Poor Grandma.

We also got outside today. Billy helped pull ivy out of the garden. He wanted to be a big help and tromped right through the garden to give Daddy a hand. He pulled and pulled at the ivy (to no avail). And then ran around picking up the loose pieces to help Daddy put them in a bag.

Super Baby did finally crash at 5:30 and slept until 7. At least he got that nap in there somewhere. It's been a busy day!

The Sunday Post ~ Toddlers vs. Cats

So, you've successfully killed your houseplants and are now looking to get something bigger. You're probably wondering if you should go to the pet store and get something like a cat, or maybe pick up a toddler at the local toddler store. Before you bring a new little creature into your home, here's a handy-dandy comparison.

(This is not meant to taken seriously. It is a running joke between a friend and myself. She being a cat owner, and me being a mom. Toddlers cannot be purchased in stores. No houseplants were harmed in the making of this post.)