Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013 ~ The Scary One

I should probably write some sentimental piece about the anniversary of this day, but I'm not. Please read last year's if you would like some sentiment.

Last year's post

After dinner with PeePop, Billy and I were watching Little Einsteins. Grandma had given me a flyer for a local Halloween shop. I was looking through it, trying to find any decent costumes that Billy might like so I could show them to him. He wanted to look too, and was surprisingly distracted from one of his favorite shows.

Immediately, he pointed at Ironman and said he wanted to be that. I asked, "do you know who that is?" No, he didn't. But Ironman is cool looking.

He wasn't impressed with the small assortment of little kid costumes. Mickey? No thanks. Monster? Is is pink? No. Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Nah.

Okay. He doesn't really know "characters" so looking at poor costume representations of cartoons he doesn't know, turns out to be not so helpful.

Then I turned the page. Scary adult costumes. It was the undead page. (You laugh, but they really had a whole spread of undead/zombie costumes.)

"Mommy, this one is scary." He pointed to a particularly lifelike zombie costume. Yes, it was very cool and very scary.

I went to turn the page, "Let's look at something not so scary."

"No, I want to look at it. I like scary."


You'd think he'd have nightmares or something. But he didn't. He just really liked the zombie costume.

September 10, 2013 ~ The Scariest Sound in the World

There I was, sleeping soundly in my bed in the middle of the night, all cuddled up under a blanket and comfortable.

Suddenly... the loudest bang came from the other room followed by a blood curdling scream.

I didn't have to chase Daddy into the other room. I knew what it was. I waited as the screaming continued. Billy had fallen out of bed and hit the wood floor while sound asleep.

Daddy got him to settle down and go back to bed- shockingly. I thought he wouldn't want to go back into his own bed, but he did.

I got up every now and again to rouse him and make sure he was okay. Which, he was.

In the morning he had a big ole bonk on his forehead, not colored yet, but definitely a bump. We tested his memory and his ability to name things, concerned about a concussion. It's hard to tell when a two year old is loopy versus just being a silly two year old. But, his eyes were dilating just fine and his recall was perfect, so we figured he was fine.

And he is. He's got a bruise that I hope will vanish before his birthday, and it's sore. But he's fine otherwise.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013 ~ A Big Weekend

We had a big weekend, which included a party at the shore.

It's always hustle and bustle getting ready for a party and this was no different. I had planned on heading to the shore Friday night, but life got in the way and Billy and I didn't make it down until naptime on Saturday. Daddy was even later than that, trying to get his homework done before the big party.

Of course, he no-napped. I tried, but there's just too much to see and do to bother with napping.

He got to play with a friend that he sees rarely and play in the yard with the boats and the animals. We went for a nature walk with the boys and the ladies. I can now proudly spot poison ivy, which is prolific along the driveway- and never used to be.

 The party got into full swing at dinner time.

I, however, had been talked into a fishing demonstration. Who knew that I would be giving fishing lessons? Let's be honest, catching fish in the river isn't all that hard.

The boys "supervised". I didn't want the 3 little boys to either fight over the one small fishing pole, or to be injured by hooks, sinkers, or flopping fish.

I caught a variety, including croakers, spot and perch. I got to show the boys (and the adults) how croakers make noise and give them a quick fish anatomy lesson. I guess I'm just used to being around the river, so it's second nature to me- croakers croak. Fun to catch and toss back.

There was also the lesson about baiting the hook and showing everyone what grass shrimp look like. Lucky that we have abundant, easy to catch bait around.

Billy is quickly becoming used to the river too. He takes all of it in stride, already familiar with the rules around the water.

I have to admit, as hostess I didn't spend too much time with Billy. He was playing with the other kids, and hanging out with some of his favorite adults.

Especially, when I cleaned two fish. The younger crowd were kept well away from the docks, while I had a crowd of onlookers for the gutting of fish, and even talked a friend into cleaning the second fish.

It's definitely an eye-opener when you're used to fish from the supermarket or a restaurant where it no longer resembles the animal. It's entirely different to clean the fish yourself and then cook it and eat it. I think I may have scarred a few people with that experience.


Sunday was more of the same. It was an overnight party, so the crowd was still there in the morning. In the afternoon a few of us took Billy, the last kid at the party, down to the point for swimming. Although it had been a warm day, it unfortunately was turning cold. But we skipped rocks and made a castle in the sand.

And by the time we drove home Billy had passed out from all of the fun and slept through dinner, all the way to morning.