Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ A Day in the Park

I'm in advertising, so plugging things is what I do. If you're friends with me on facebook, then you already know what I'm plugging, because I've been posting all week. But I haven't mentioned it on my blog. Here's my plug for Pierce's Park.

I hope you'll come out this Sunday to see the grand opening of Pierce's Park. It's a family park in Harbor East. And when I say family, it's not only for the family, but by my family.

My cousins have worked very hard creating this park, even working on it with their own hands, and now all of their hard work has come to fruition. I can't wait to see what they've done.

The Park honors the memory of my cousin, Pierce John Flanigan, III... or P3 as we sometimes called him. He was a very nice man, a lover of sports and outdoors, of poetry and reading and of cars and roads. He was also influential around Baltimore. He died suddenly a few years ago.

Please come honor his memory and walk through his park.

May 4, 2012 ~ Girls' Night Out

First, let me wish you a happy Star Wars Day. (May the Fourth be with you!)

Tonight was girls' night out. I didn't actually get to see much of Billy today because he had separate plans with the boys for dinner. We briefly tromped through the backyard, enough for the Buddy bombs to attack my shoes before heading out. I have no idea how boys' night went, since they are both passed out.

We ladies went to see the Hunger Games, after booze and fried, delicious yumminess. The movie was decent. We both agree though, that a key component from the book was missing. When watching I didn't notice, but I read the book, so I already knew all of the back story.  I won't give it away so I don't spoil the book or movie. However, that key component we think is probably the special sauce that made the books so amazing. I wonder how someone viewing the movie without reading the books first would feel?

Well, I liked it anyway. It was a very good rendition of the book, even minus the secret sauce. I guess the story is just that good.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012 ~ The Microwave Saga

It's been a week since my microwave went up in smoke, and we finally have a new one. It's been a bumpy week. Yesterday I wanted to make Billy a sweet potato for him to have with his dinner. This takes 6 minutes in the microwave, which I didn't have. So, I stuck it in the oven ahead of dinner. (Yes, I actually planned that- go me). I gave it 40 minutes. Well, that lil ole potato that would take 6 minutes in a microwave took 2.5 hours in the oven to cook. Needless to say, Billy didn't get to eat that potato for dinner.

Daddy and I had leftovers. I had to heat them in the oven, which took 20 minutes. It would have taken 1 minute per dish in the microwave.

Seriously, thank God for microwaves. What would I do without them? And now I have a shiny new one with more wattage than a small city. I would have settled for a non-shiny one with 1/4 of the power, but Daddy has the Tim Allen theory on all things electronic.

So, it's official. I'm back in the modern kitchen. Yay! And that concludes the microwave saga.

Drawn In Thursdays: The Things Kids Do #3

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012 ~ A Dollop of Daisy?

Today for dinner I cooked quesadillas. Yay uno de Mayo! Look, I'm going to eat Mexican food all week because it's a great excuse to eat Mexican food all week. I served it up with a dollop of sour cream, which, happens to be Daisy, but that's not my point.

How would you eat a quesadilla?

I look at it like Mexican pizza. Triangular. Yummy. AND I get to dip it into sour cream, which is CLEARLY the best part. So, I usually bite off the tip of the triangle first. You?

Ok, now what would you do if you were a one-year-old?

First, examine this trangular thing. Cheese you say? I see no cheese. What to do? Bite a hole through the middle looking for the cheese. Oh, look! There it is. Mom wasn't lying. There is cheese in this thing.

Oooh. What is this white blob on my plate? I must investigate.

So, Billy stuck his spoon into the sour cream to get a bit of it. He still wasn't so sure about the whole dipping the quesadilla part, even if he is a pro with french fries and ketchup. When he lifted the spoon the whole glob came up of the plate. The WHOLE glob. He looked at it on his spoon. Hrm. What to do now?

Yes, that would be the dollop going in his mouth. (With me yelling, "No, silly! Stop!)

Did he like it?

Oh yeah. He even took the second bite and ate the rest of it right off of the spoon.

Well, clearly now would be the time to eat the rest of the quesadilla or feed it to the dog. Several attempts to feed it to the dog proved futile so he opted to eat it instead. "More, more!" didn't get him more sour cream, so I guess he figured he might as well eat what was left on his plate.

Ok, so now we have a clean green plate. Well, clean except for the dregs of the sour cream that stuck to the plate. I would look at that as done and put my plate in the sink. Billy? First he dipped his strawberries in it, but decided he didn't want any more strawberries. Then?

He decided that if it was so good to eat, it must be good to wear.

He rubbed it all through his hair in a stripe right down the center like a skunk. Apparently, I didn't know that sour cream works as hair gel too, and Billy was feeling his tresses needed some taming.

Yeah. Let's skip the bath and go straight to the hosing down!

April 30, 2012 ~ Before and After: Grocery Store

Before, at the grocery store:

Billy kicking, screaming, "No! No! No!" having major tantrums, trying to break things, crawling out of the cart, "Apple!" hitting, biting, crying, whining, throwing things and me holding my head in shame as I try to bring a small person under control. Can someone please explain to me the magic that turns a perfectly well-behaved small person into a raving monster when passing through the doors of a grocery store? And it doesn't matter which store, they all seem to have these magical doors that make little monsters.

Today I came prepared with a monster kit. Animal crackers, Tigger, 2 spoons, a binky, milk and water. And I asked him to behave himself before we went in the store and he agreed. Did it work?

After receiving the contents of the monster kit, at the grocery store:

Billy calming nomming on crackers and quietly pointing to and naming things he recognizes, sitting still, behaving himself, calm and collected, handing me his binky when he didn't want it (instead of throwing), asking for it back, letting me know something fell from the cart, not throwing a single thing, not screaming even once, sweet little baby.

The Grocery Store Monster has been tamed...for now!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 ~ That's The Way The Ball Bounces

This morning I gave Billy a new toy. A bright yellow bouncy ball. Wow was that a big hit.

He tossed it around his room on the wood floor, chasing it madly around the room. What did he do as soon as he caught it? Bounce it again, of course and go chasing after it again. Poor Buddy wanted to go get it too, but this is Billy's ball.
We went to the family room and Billy tried it out on the carpet. Ooh, the ball rolled under the sofa. Mom! Yeah, yeah I'm coming. So I fetched it and gave it back to him. So what does he do? Intentionally throws it under the sofa. Mom! The ball might have disappeared to a high place for a while after that.

Soon enough, like some crazy radar, he figured out where I stashed it and relentlessly begged me for the ball. I'm not really sure how he identifies where I hide things out of sight. He just seems to KNOW.

So, I gave it back to him. He then tried to shoe it into Buddy's mouth. I guess he was trying to make Buddy play with it? Didn't work. So he went back to bouncing. But the ball doesn't run wild on carpet like it does on the wood floor. What to do?

Throw it under the sofa. Mom!

The Sunday Post ~ Oh Say Can I...SS200!

I'd like to tell you a story. Stop me if you've heard this one... actually, you've probably heard this one. But if you're anything like me, probably not since fourth grade.

Let's set the scene.

It's 1814 and the British have just sacked Washington D.C., burning and looting some of the more notable buildings, like the White House. The government and President have fled. The British are gaining momentum with new troops recently sent, the sacking of D.C. and the surrender of Alexandria. The had hoped to have a turning point in the War of 1812 and set there sights on Baltimore, a major commercial port and home to numerous privateers (aka pirates) that were attacking British merchants ships.

The Brits brought land and sea forces to bring down Baltimore. Several thousand troops were deployed to attack by land. They drove Baltimore's defenses back to the major defense line that is now part of Patterson Park. But the Baltimoreans proved to be more difficult to subdue than the British had originally thought. The Brits had also lost their commanding officer to a sharpshooter during one of the initial battles in Baltimore. In order to win, the Brits severely needed artillery support from their fleet waiting out in the bay.

That brings to a prisoner aboard a truce ship on the Patapsco River. Francis Scott Key could only watch as the sun set over the city of Baltimore. The British fleet was bombarding Fort McHenry, the main defense for Baltimore Harbor and famous for it's star shape. The fleet bombed the fort all through the night. At dawn, he looked out to the fort and the American flag was still flying. He was inspired to write a poem, that later became our national anthem. The British gave up, retreated, and it was considered a major turning point in the war.

Oh, yeah... by the way, that flag had 15 stars and 15 stripes. And the stars were all rotated slightly to one side or the other, not like our current stars whose top points all point straight up. This rotation is the "spangled" part.

So, anyway. SS200, aka Star-Spangled 200. This year marks the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. This is a big deal for the City of Baltimore and for the whole country. This week ads for the SS200 started showing up to announce the kick-off dates for the celebration. They're really cool ads, I wonder which agency did those? Actually, the planning has been in the works for awhile. If you've noticed  the new MD license plates, you'll see the flag flying over the bricks walls of Ft. McHenry while the bombs burst in the air.

June 13-19, 2012 ~ Sailabration!

It's the big celebration and you should be there. The celebration will include a parade of tall ships and military vessels from around the world- a LOT of tall ships. There will be fireworks. The Blue Angels will be there. Sailboat races in the harbor and lots of other activities. And this is just the start. Come see!