Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 ~ That's The Way The Ball Bounces

This morning I gave Billy a new toy. A bright yellow bouncy ball. Wow was that a big hit.

He tossed it around his room on the wood floor, chasing it madly around the room. What did he do as soon as he caught it? Bounce it again, of course and go chasing after it again. Poor Buddy wanted to go get it too, but this is Billy's ball.
We went to the family room and Billy tried it out on the carpet. Ooh, the ball rolled under the sofa. Mom! Yeah, yeah I'm coming. So I fetched it and gave it back to him. So what does he do? Intentionally throws it under the sofa. Mom! The ball might have disappeared to a high place for a while after that.

Soon enough, like some crazy radar, he figured out where I stashed it and relentlessly begged me for the ball. I'm not really sure how he identifies where I hide things out of sight. He just seems to KNOW.

So, I gave it back to him. He then tried to shoe it into Buddy's mouth. I guess he was trying to make Buddy play with it? Didn't work. So he went back to bouncing. But the ball doesn't run wild on carpet like it does on the wood floor. What to do?

Throw it under the sofa. Mom!

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