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Dear Spammers
You might be wondering why your comments aren't appearing below the posts on my mommy blog. Rest assured that all comments go into moderation and only the choicest comments are allowed to appear on this blog...

Going Strawberry Blonde
Mealtime is always an adventure for a toddler- new tastes, new textures... what's not to love? Well, yesterday for lunch Billy decided it was high time to experiment with his food...

Looking Forward, Looking Back
Running around in the month of December it's easy to lose track of time. There's decorating, shopping for presents, planning get-togethers. And in my personal life there's been shoot after shoot, a sick little one, and prepping for Santa's first big visit to our house (2nd trip, but last year Billy didn't notice)...

Twas the Night Before Easter
Twas the night before Easter
And all through the house
The eggs were all dyed
stripes and flowers and one even looked like a mouse.
The baskets were placed by the back door with care
In hopes that the Easter Bunny soon would be there...

Toddlers vs. Cats
So, you've successfully killed your houseplants and are now looking to get something bigger. You're probably wondering if you should go to the pet store and get something like a cat, or maybe pick up a toddler at the local toddler store. Before you bring a new little creature into your home, here's a handy-dandy comparison...

More Than Never Forget
You probably know exactly where you were the moment things happened on that fateful Tuesday 11 years ago. I bet you could recount the events of the morning in detail. I know I could. So, it's really not that much to say "Never Forget." I don't think I could if I tried. Those horrific images are burned into my brain. I'm sure it's the same for most people...

Lullaby- Billy's Favorite
Go to sleep, baby.
Time to sleep deeply.
Go to sleep, baby.
Time to dream sweetly.
Mommy loves you,
Her little sprite.
Mommy loves you.
Go to sleep tonight...

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