Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014 ~ Lava

Billy is now very interested in blood. He doesn't really understand what it is or why it is, and having not actually cut himself in forever, he really has no concept of what it looks like either. That being said, he keeps bringing the topic up, trying to understand.

It's not just blood. He's interested in internal anatomy. Dinosaur bones at exhibits have brought up the question of bones in us. He knows they are there. When I told him that on the bottom we are made of bones he replied, "skeletons are made of bones too!" (He, of course, doesn't connect where skeletons come from.)

He wants to know about his stomach and his lungs, why they do what they do and how.

But the most confusing thing is blood. I keep telling him it's red, it's liquid, and it's all throughout him.

"It's a red liquid like lava, Mommy?" he asks.

"Kind of."

"Yay! I have lava in me! That's so coooooooool!"

Ok, maybe he doesn't quite get it yet.

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