Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 12, 2012 ~ How To Train Your Dragon

Really, this post should be about Friday evening, but since we had a few snafus today, I didn't get to posting until late. So, I'm going to post about Saturday instead.

Snafus you say? (Yeah, I said snafu.)

When we woke up this morning I thought I was camping. The only difference- I didn't have a Billy snuggled into my bed. Yeah, it was cold. Really cold. And no, this time we weren't sleeping outside under the stars. It was just a broken furnace. Fortunately, the furnace opted for a balmy Fall day versus in the middle of a blizzard (because yes, I've been there done that and Grandma can gripe about it).

Snuggled up in sweaters and blankets we spent the morning in the warmest room in the house- the basement TV room. You'd think it would be the coldest, and normally it is, but apparently we need to insulate better. The TV is underground, and therefore, has the best insulation.

Billy said to me, "Mommy, TV time?" So, I got out the basket of Billy movies for him to pick. "Dragon, Mommy. Dragon"

You would think that a movie about scary dragons would be, well, too scary for Billy. Nope. He reprimanded the characters for carrying swords. "No play sharp knives!" (Yes! This lesson he has down pat!) "No hit!" "No push!" "No bite!"

I think I love this movie. He lets me know all of the lessons he knows. It's AWESOME. And he's not scared. Fire-breathing dragon? "Fire hot! No touch!" Yes! More lessons learned and reinforced.

And, not scary. Even though you would think it would be. Nope. He asked to watch it again later today. It's true. He loves his dragon movie. In fact, he has a large stuffed dragon courtesy of Grandpop and Billy rides it around the house just like Hiccup rides Toothless.

(Allow me to insert a funny story right here. This movie came out when I was pregnant. Daddy is part Viking- yes, for real, so we went to see this movie looking for names for our little lima bean. Most of the Viking names I had found had no vowels, minus Erik. We wanted something more Viking. We wanted to honor Daddy's Viking-ness. And then Disney popped out names like Hiccup and Snoutlout. Luckily for the lima bean, we opted out of Hiccup and went with something more traditional.)

So, it's late on Saturday night and Billy is NOT sleeping in his crib, pretending he's a firework. Yes, really. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Boom!" I taught him that in June. He just started repeating it again this week. Think about it. Remembering something four months ago is like remembering something one fifth of his life ago. Can you remember a silly sound someone taught you one fifth of your life ago?

I thought not.

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 11, 2012 ~ The Terrible C Word

It's an awful word. I don't like to say it. It makes me cringe and evokes more reaction than a cuss words. It's the terrible C word. Yes. Cancer.

And it's a word floating around our house because an immediate family member has just been diagnosed. Cancer. It's a heartbreaking, slam to the gut word. I hate it.


That would be our lovable, fuzzy friend Buddy.

Yes, Buddy has cancer.

I think I knew it was coming, ever since I found the suspicious lump. That's why he had emergency surgery last week. Now we have to set up an appointment with an oncologist. We have to explore options.

For now, Buddy is okay. They took the tumor, but they didn't get all of it. They couldn't, not without removing his boy parts, which are kind of essential.

The kicker is his age. He's healthy but old. So, we now have to decide what's best for him. I wish I could just ask him and have him tell me- yes, more surgery or no, just feed me steak every night and let me go.


Billy knows something is up. He knows Buddy is sick. And he's looked very closely at Buddy's staples all down his belly. Ugly stitches and staples. Billy has been nice enough not to touch, but is very curious about everything going on with Buddy.

So now we wait and see.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drawn In Thursdays: Things Kids Do #15

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A true story from last week.

October 9, 2012 ~ Pumpkin Picking and GrumpyPaws

We started our morning with a scheduled trip to the vet. We had to drop Buddy off for surgery. Billy has no memory of the vet- I usually don't take him with me. So, it was an interesting experience for him. I explained that Buddy was old enough to go to his appointment on his own, but that we had to drive him since puppies can't drive. Billy felt this was reasonable enough. He complained "Buddy, come back!" a little in the car after we left, but when I explained we would pick him up later he gave up and started jabbering on about the cow jumping over the moon. Moooooooooon!

Next up, field trip!

Yup, Billy's fall field trip was today. We went to a farm to pick pumpkins. It was a cute little farm, although there wasn't too much there to do and to be honest there are better farms around for fall festivities. But Billy liked it well enough. Grandpop joined us for some fall fun.

Unlike most places, here you actually get to choose your pumpkin on the vine and they cut it off for you and you get to walk away with a freshly picked pumpkin.

After he chose it all by himself he refused to put it down. It was HIS pumpkin.

After the pumpkin picking we went for a hay ride and played in some giant tractor tires. There was also a barnyard, but after the State Fair that part was boring and old hat. He saw the animals and looked at me and asked, "Mommy, horsey ride now?" (As in, ok, where's the merry-go-round that was at the fair). I believe we will need to make a visit to the Columbia Mall to see the merry-go-round and some friends!

Then it was lunchtime. It was freezing out, so I bought a warm apple cider for us to share. I brought a bagged lunch for us to share as well. With the cider he kept taking a sip and then screwing up his face. Finally I said, "if you don't like it, give it to Mommy and you can have your water." Nope. He still wanted it. I think it was just getting past drinking juice warm. (It wasn't hot- I tested it). He's had cider recently and liked it, but it was cold.

After lunch he chased his girlfriend around the farm. They walked on top of hay bales and crawled through tunnels. She had a parent's hand the whole time. Billy? Nope. He's good. Walked on top of hay bales with no issue. Even jumped off of them with no issue. And when he fell only once? He whimpered but didn't cry. He fell into loose hay, so it was only his feelings that were hurt.

Then it was back to school.

After school we went to pick up Buddy from the vet. Buddy came out with a cone on his head. Billy said, "Buddy silly!" Then he continued without prompting, "Buddy have big booboo." I didn't tell him that. He just understood. He also helped me with Buddy's medications (Buddy med-sin). "No touch Buddy," he warned. But, when I said ti was okay, he gave over and gave his Buddy a big pat on the rump.

Buddy is one sick puppy. We're still awaiting the results. He had to have a suspicious tumor removed, but all signs point to malignant. I'm hoping for the best, and hoping they got it all. He also has a terrible infection in his mouth, but luckily gets to keep his teeth for now. We thought he might loose one or more, but so far so good. However, he is Mr. GrumpyPaws and I can't blame him. Could you imagine having a massive infection in your mouth and then having a tumor removed from your boy parts? Yeah, that would make anyone a grumpypaws.

Billy was very good with Buddy at home. Buddy just wanted to sleep. In the middle of toddler chaos. But Billy left him alone. So, sleep he did.

Then Daddy came home.

"Billy, what did you do today?" Daddy asked.

For the first time ever Billy responded without prompting. "Hay ride. Big tractor."

I did have to prompt a little about the pumpkin. "Were there pumpkins?"

"I pick pumpkin. Little pumpkin. Orange."



Awhile back I posted about a mom missing her two children that had been kidnapped. I am happy to report that two days ago her kids were found and after almost two years apart are now home with their mom.Tips via spreading the word on the internet helped find her kids. I'm so glad her babies are home with her.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012 ~ Don't Eat That!

Billy decided to make a list of things you can't eat and recite them to me last night.

Here's the list of things you cannot eat:
"Mommy, no eat...
pumpkins (uncooked and painted pumpkin)
plate (that your dinner is sitting on)

In case you were unsure, don't eat these things.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Blog-iversary!

That's right.

My blog turned one today. This time last year I had the idea to write every day about what Billy does and to have you- the reader- hold me accountable to write every day.

So, have some cake and let's celebrate!

October 7, 2012 ~ Big Fall Camping Trip

So how do you cap off two weeks of parties followed by a crazy shoot week? You go camping!

Billy and I didn't make it for the first day of camping because I was just too tired to drive up to the camp site after working mostly a full day and not sleeping since Saturday. You know, just a little tired.

So, for Day 2 of the trip (or Day 1 for us) we joined the crew for some history at Gettysburg, PA. We walked the battlefields, climbed the observation tower (not the old one0 this is a smaller walk-up one) and checked out some monuments.

Here is Billy inside one of the monuments:

This particular monument to a NY battalion has spiral stairs that go up to look around. It's sort of fort like, but I told Billy it was a castle. From the top it looks like one anyway. It even has a tower. He was SO excited to actually be in a castle.

We didn't try to impart any history lessons on him though. He's only just 2. We'll have to come back and explain the Battle of Gettysburg some other time when he's older. Maybe next year for the 150th anniversary. Still too young?

Well, the history lesson was over so we headed off to the campsite for food and hanging out. Billy decided to go No-Nap. It's a lot like going "No Huddle" only, we get to be the opposing defense that gets run over.

So, we gave up and broke out the toys. Billy mowed. Yup. He mowed the forest.

(This picture is actually from the next day, but well- he did a lot of mowing of the forest. What can I say?)

Well, Friday night after unpacking and having a delicious dinner prepared by another camper in our group it was time to send Billy off to bed.

Uh oh! Here I tout the love of the Go Crib and it's no where in site. Yup. It's been forgotten. Oh crap. Well, um... now what? Thank God I'm an over-packer. I put as many blankets in my car as I could cram in there and still see out the back. So, I built Billy his own little cushy bed next to my sleeping bag. He had his own pillow, his lovies, his sock monkey and lots of blankets to cuddle under. He went to sleep without too much of a hitch. That was fabulous. Much unlike summer camping when bedtime is still bright light and incredibly warm. Nope. Fell asleep without too much of an issue.

Being the concerned Mom I woke up several times in the night to check on him. And I'm glad that I did. Some time in the middle of the night I noticed he was freezing. Even with a pile of heavy blankets on him.

( I recently watched a film called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It follows two Chinese families. In the movie war drives them up into the snowy hills for safety. On the first night sleeping in the snow, the youngest boy, even covered by heavy skins, dies in the cold. So, that whole concept about kids in the cold is on my brain. I'm neurotic, what can I say?)

Well, I'm not going to let my little man shiver in the cold. So, I pulled him into my sleeping bag with me and held him to warm him. That was a fabulous plan and he warmed up quickly enough. But once he was warm he woke up and wanted to play. Let's play poke Mommy in the eyes. Let's play pat-a-cake on Mommy's face. Let's attack cuddle Daddy. Let's spill and entire bottle of water inside the tent. He was up from around 4 until he passed out again around 7 or 8 and slept for awhile. 

Day 3 started with rigging up shelter from the expected rain. It was drizzly and cold in the morning, so it seemed like the right thing to do. Billy was not happy about Mommy climbing up on things and about me not paying attention to him. But, I'm the one with the sailing knot knowledge, so I went to work tying up the tarp to protect the picnic tables from impending doom... I mean rain.

We hung out in camp all morning, mowing the grass of the forest and playing around. We went No-Nap again. I think Mommy was more of a cranky pants about this than Billy. I still made him take quiet time in the tent. We watched his little face appear and disappear from the window in the tent. I checked on him every now and again and put him back to bed.

On that last push to get him to sleep before naptime would be over it was Daddy's turn to watch him. Daddy decided to ignore him and figured he was fine and wasn't going to sleep anyway. Should have known something was up. When I went to fetch him after the time that he should have been sleeping was over, I found a tornado in the tent. Billy had gone through my suitcase and pulled everything out. He tossed his diapers all over the tent. He tossed my feminine products all over the tent- the whole box. He found my floss and pulled all of it out of the box. He got out my toiletries and was playing with them everywhere. And when I opened the tent he had a bottle of shampoo in hand and was shaking it trying to get the "soap" out. Thank God that he didn't manage to open the shampoo bottle.

It was time to burn off some energy so we went for a hike on the historic Civil War Trails in the area and the trails around the campground.

Don't be fooled by this photo. Daddy in t-shirt and Billy in winter garb. It was cold. Daddy's viking-ness is showing. In the background are the falls.

Onward to dinner. We left Daddy in charge of dinner and went for a stroller ride with one of Billy's favorite people.

Yes, it was very cold.

When it got dark this same favorite people broke out a glow stick ball to play with. And Mommy had brought glow stick bracelets for Billy and the ladies. We tossed the glow ball around and had Billy in giggles. He thought that was too cool. The glow ball was a big hit.

But No Nap Billy was exhausted and after play and dinner he asked for bed. So I cuddled him up in my sleeping bag and tucked him in with lots of blankets. He wouldn't sleep in his hat, but he did go to sleep with his coat and gloves on. I wasn't kidding around with how cold and damp it was. I put him right into my own sub-zero bag and skipped his little makeshift bed all together. He went out like a light.

After I went to bed I held him all night long and kept him warm. He was still cold, even in my bag- but it's a big bag for a little guy. He kept crawling out and getting really cold. He's used to being squirmy in his crib, but you can't stay warm in the cold outdoors that way.

Morning came and it was time to leave. We packed up and headed up the road, all of us stopping for lunch before making the final journey home.

Before we were even out of town Billy was asleep in the car. Although, he ended up crying half the way home. When we did finally get home he cuddled into his nice warm crib and took a long nap.

He had a great time. But I think warmer weather is in order for the next trip!