Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 12, 2012 ~ How To Train Your Dragon

Really, this post should be about Friday evening, but since we had a few snafus today, I didn't get to posting until late. So, I'm going to post about Saturday instead.

Snafus you say? (Yeah, I said snafu.)

When we woke up this morning I thought I was camping. The only difference- I didn't have a Billy snuggled into my bed. Yeah, it was cold. Really cold. And no, this time we weren't sleeping outside under the stars. It was just a broken furnace. Fortunately, the furnace opted for a balmy Fall day versus in the middle of a blizzard (because yes, I've been there done that and Grandma can gripe about it).

Snuggled up in sweaters and blankets we spent the morning in the warmest room in the house- the basement TV room. You'd think it would be the coldest, and normally it is, but apparently we need to insulate better. The TV is underground, and therefore, has the best insulation.

Billy said to me, "Mommy, TV time?" So, I got out the basket of Billy movies for him to pick. "Dragon, Mommy. Dragon"

You would think that a movie about scary dragons would be, well, too scary for Billy. Nope. He reprimanded the characters for carrying swords. "No play sharp knives!" (Yes! This lesson he has down pat!) "No hit!" "No push!" "No bite!"

I think I love this movie. He lets me know all of the lessons he knows. It's AWESOME. And he's not scared. Fire-breathing dragon? "Fire hot! No touch!" Yes! More lessons learned and reinforced.

And, not scary. Even though you would think it would be. Nope. He asked to watch it again later today. It's true. He loves his dragon movie. In fact, he has a large stuffed dragon courtesy of Grandpop and Billy rides it around the house just like Hiccup rides Toothless.

(Allow me to insert a funny story right here. This movie came out when I was pregnant. Daddy is part Viking- yes, for real, so we went to see this movie looking for names for our little lima bean. Most of the Viking names I had found had no vowels, minus Erik. We wanted something more Viking. We wanted to honor Daddy's Viking-ness. And then Disney popped out names like Hiccup and Snoutlout. Luckily for the lima bean, we opted out of Hiccup and went with something more traditional.)

So, it's late on Saturday night and Billy is NOT sleeping in his crib, pretending he's a firework. Yes, really. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Boom!" I taught him that in June. He just started repeating it again this week. Think about it. Remembering something four months ago is like remembering something one fifth of his life ago. Can you remember a silly sound someone taught you one fifth of your life ago?

I thought not.

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