Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013 ~ A Rainy Field Trip

Billy's field trip to the zoo was supposed to start at 10am. Torrential downpours were also supposed to start at 10am today. I thought the school would cancel or schedule. Nope. Field trip started on time. So did the rain.

We got soaked. And I mean soaked. I really don't recommend it. Some of the animals were out, but others were hiding or not even in their pens because of the weather. Billy's heart was set on seeing the lions. And lions apparently hate the rain, so they weren't out at all.

Don't get me wrong, he liked seeing the other animals. But between the rain, the older kids from other schools shoving Billy out of the way to get a better look (at every friggin animal display) and the crowds, we were both done with the zoo for the day. Thank God the school director decided to call off the field trip early so we could all go back to school.

I actually had to take Billy home to towel him off and change every article of clothing he had on. He was that soaked. Me too. I am also in a completely new outfit.

So, if they are calling for rain, skip the zoo and head for someplace dry.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Spring Camping Adventure 2013

It's hard to believe that the East Coast landscape helped get it's look from a glacier, but it's true. If you need proof, you need only drive in to PA.

We went camping with a bunch of my college friends at a Blue Rocks Family Campground on an ancient rock floe. These rocks were deposited here by a glacier.

For scale, see the little white dot in the back of the bottom photo. That's a person.

We had a large group, which was great. There were a bunch of toddler boys, so Billy had lots of friends to play with.

Personally, I enjoyed the landscape and getting to climb on the rocks and hike. Billy, being too young to care or to be able to do the climbing, really liked the playground. Who can blame him? He does like hiking, though.

We had a new adventurer along for the trip! Buddy got to go camping for the very first time!

I don't think he's too fond of camping. He didn't settle well, didn't like be chained up and unable to wander around to beg for scraps and was definitely not happy when the other dogs walked off with his toys.

Daddy had this big plan to have Buddy sleep outside of the tent in the attached, covered part that was separate from us. He chained Buddy to a tent stake and set up a nice little bed on the ground with water and his toys. Buddy was having none of it. He crawled out of it and was walking around the tent looking for a place to get in and scratching and whimpering. Daddy got him back into his dog bed and stuck his arm out of the tent to pet him and try to get him to settle. But Buddy just took that as an invitation to try and climb into the tent. Daddy relented and Buddy got to sleep on top of Billy. Yep.

Billy was actually really excited about this. He got his own sleeping bag for the first time. He thought that was so cool. And Buddy kept him nice and warm. Although, Billy did crawl into my sleeping bag the first night. But by the second he had this camping thing down, with his head tucked under the bag and his dog sleeping on top. Guess it was a one dog night.

How does Billy like camping? He loves it. He can now get in and out of the tent by himself- yes he can do the zippers. Although, he never zips the tent back up... fortunately the mosquitoes aren't out yet. He has no problem with the fire or finding ways to entertain himself around camp. He even tried to go for his own walk into the woods several times.

He didn't want to leave. "Mommy, we stay here forever and ever?"

Nope. But maybe we can go again.