Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 11, 2013 ~ Bribery

I'm not beneath bribery.

Yeah, that was me in the store bribing Billy with ice cream if he would just behave and stop throwing random stuff into the grocery cart or running willy nilly own the aisles.

It worked. So, when we got home he got dessert first. That's right. Ice cream with chocolate. Then he got dinner. No worries. He ate most of it.

Sometimes you've got to live a little. And sometimes you've got to bribe your kid to behave.

Just don't tell Daddy...

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 10, 2013 ~ Shamrocks and Stuff

We had a very busy weekend, but here are the highlights:

Billy got to meet Cub's new siblings. Congrats to that family again on their new additions. Billy really liked the babies. Poor Cub. Billy brought him a balloon to congratulate him on becoming a big brother.

Billy really wanted to hold the babies. He got a turn with each one. Yes, I have pics and they are adorable, BUT I never post pics of other kids on my blog. So you'll just have to imagine it.

On the car ride home Daddy asked Billy if he wanted a sister or a brother. Billy decided that he wanted a sister. Then he informed us that "we need go to store and buy a sister. Yeah. I want buy one." Apparently, babies come from the store.


We have POOP!

What's a toddler to do when potty training? Hold his poop. For days. Then poop in his pants. It's what you do.

Billy was making the "poop" face on Saturday so I whisked him off to the bathroom. He produced the tiniest turd known to man. But, poop is poop! So, he got a bag of gummi bears, a balloon and to put on make up for the first time AND by himself.

(We're trying to make poop a big deal so he'll want to poop more often in the potty.)

What do you think happens when a toddler puts on his own make up? THIS:

You should enlarge the photo so you can see the blue streak down the cheek.

Then, all dolled up he went to play on his computer. I couldn't resist.

I'm pretty sure if he ever runs for office or becomes a movie star that this will be the embarrassing photo from his past.


We also went with Grandma to the Shamrock Shindig at Pierce's Park (let's call it SS@PP for short). There's no better place in Baltimore for an Irish Festival than Pierce's Park.

Here Billy is playing the musical fence.

You probably can't tell from the photo that there's thousands of people there and lots of loud Irish music. What's that you hear, Billy? "Ire-Rish moo-kiss!" We're still working on the pronunciation. There were kids' activity and lots of booze. Although, we weren't imbibing since it was morning. He really wanted an ice cream, but there were only 4 food trucks that I saw and none seemed to have ice cream. Oh, well. Maybe at a summer festival- although it was so warm it felt like summer! He had a great time running around the park and we were glad to run into cousins. We heard even more cousins were there, but with so many people we never found them.

There was the St. Patrick's Day Parade after the SS@PP but we didn't stay to see it. Nap time called and wanted a tired toddler.


Billy would like to wish Baby M a happy first birthday! Sorry to miss it but we'll see you soon!