Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday Post ~ Erin Go Bragh!

Once upon a time there was a young man living in Ireland. When his parents died, by Irish law he inherited everything, being the oldest male heir. But he didn't want to leave his younger siblings destitute. So, he gave the farm to them. Then he stole the family horse and rode it to the coast to sell it for passage to America. He had heard that in America the streets were paved with gold. But when he arrived, he found that the streets weren't paved at all. So, he started a paving company and paved the roads.

That's the story of how Billy's Irish ancestor got here. Is it true? Well, the Irish are fond of exaggeration, but maybe there's a kernel of truth in there.

Today let's remember all of our Irish immigrants and the hardships they suffered to get here. In honor of them let's all celebrate in the time-honored Irish way. Drink a Guinness (or Bailey's). Slainte!

March 16, 2012 ~ Chicken Catchacookie

Imagine you're one. Now imagine that you're presented with dinner. You have a chicken tender, french fries, apple slices, carrots, cheerios (because no meal is complete without cheerios), a graham cracker (because you screamed for cacas) and an oreo cookie. What do you do?

Clearly, the first thing to do is to shove as many fries in your mouth as you think will fit, which turns out to be more than actually do fit. There's the whole nearly choking on fries and then spitting them into the bib pocket. No biggie.

Ooh. Oreos. Okay. The oreo wins. Clearly, what's better than dessert first? Well, almost first? Let's shove the whole thing in our mouth. Hrm. I think it must need something. But what? I know! Chicken! I bet you thought I would say graham cracker. Nope, chicken!

Then, it's time to make a science experiment out of the graham cracker and some water. Uh, oh! Mush. Yuck. Lots of tears until Mommy brings another graham cracker. Yay!

Oops. Out of oreo to mix with chicken. Oh well. Mommy, all done!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012 ~ Sleepless in Baltimore

Well, part of the movie was filmed here, so it works.

Billy was up extra late yesterday so I put him to bed a few minutes early today. This is standard around here. If he's up extra late then he gets an earlier bedtime the next day.

But after an hour I could still hear him banging around in his crib. This could mean only one thing: he was still awake.

I don't know why he couldn't sleep. Maybe it's the new room. Maybe it's waiting up for Daddy. Maybe it's the Ides of March. Et tu, Billy?

I went in prepared for battle. I had a binky, milk and classical music. But he didn't cry. He didn't even sit up. He was just laying there peacefully, trying to fall asleep. I gave him the binky, rocked him.

Only a few months ago he would have been crying so loud that Canada could hear him. Being left alone was a total No Go. So to have him quietly hang out in his crib for over an hour is a huge change in his demeanor.

I just checked on him again. Not sound asleep yet, but lightly sleeping and happy as a clam.

Binky, milk and classical music. Works every time.

Drawn In Thursdays: Hygiene Enforcer #4

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012 ~ Green Piece of Awesome Rides Again!

When Billy discovered that the Green Piece of Awesome (aka his tricycle) made it to the new house he hugged it. Yes, he hugged it. Never underestimate the awesomeness of the trike.

Today was so nice that we just had to take it for a spin. We don't live on a court any more, so his usage of the GPA has to be more closely monitored. I decided that we would go for a walk. I pushed him down the hill and up the hill and into a court. We met some neighbors and got invited to join in the bike mayhem later when the weather is warmer. (Apparently, the court is kid central).

He was THRILLED with riding his trike up and down the hills. He even tried to pedal, but he's still just a little too short. He can only get one foot on the pedals at a time. This, of course, resulted in him damaging the only pair of shoes that fit.

But if a day spent out on the Green Piece of Awesome heps him make the new place feel like home, I think I can sacrifice a pair of shoes.

March 12, 2012 ~ A Big Bump

While I was making dinner tonight Billy was playing in the kitchen. We now have a drawer beneath the wall over that houses all of our tupperware. Billy has decided to love pulling all of the pieces out and then putting them all back in the drawer. It's great fun. I would prefer if the drawer would stay neat and the items clean, but well, he can't break them. Better than playing with the pyrex or juggling knives, right?

Why is it that kids always hurt themselves as soon as you turn your back? It's like Murphy's Law, only this is kid specific. I think I'm going to call it Billy's Law: Billy will attempt feats of near certain death any time my attention is distracted.

So, anyway Billy was playing with the tupperware and I was measuring out ingredients. Pause. Moment of silence followed by screaming. Yep. It's the silent part when you know you're in for it. Quiet equals trouble.

What happened? Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually have eyes in the back of my head. So, I didn't see it happen. But I'm pretty sure that he slammed his  hand in the drawer and in the process of trying to remove the owie, slammed his head into the oven. At least we weren't at the old house with the old oven- he would have been burned on his face. (Of course, knowing that oven was a safety hazard I never let Billy near it).

He got an owie on his hand and his forehead. He cried and cried until he suddenly saw a new toy and ran over to it, completely forgetting his pain. The only remnant was the red splotchy mark where I iced his head.

In other news he is now official a Two. They have moved him up at daycare. But, Billy... you're still a One to me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11, 2012 ~ Settling In

Whoever thought to move with a toddler should be shot. Oh wait... no, don't shoot me.

When you have a baby you start babyproofing one step at a time. Of course, we immediately got the childproof locks for the cabinets. And we got rubber bumpers for the coffee table long before he could move. But we started by proofing things about a foot off of the ground. Then when he started crawling more we proofed up to two feet. By the time he was walking we had more things proofed to meet his specific attempts at death.

But in a new house, we're still learning the house ourselves and Billy is quickly figuring out all of the best ways to possibly get hurt before we do. It's a major adjustment.

We now have stairs, so we now have lots of gates. That has been a major adjustment. Billy hates being trapped on one floor, when before he could run the length of the house. Buddy, too. They are both not fans of the gating system. We've been teaching Billy to use the stairs, but honestly, I think it's Buddy that needs the most training.

Next up... doors. Yep. Suddenly, this week Billy has learned to open doors. Which one does he want to open? The one to the Utility Room so he can get into Daddy's tools, the alcohol, climb behind the water heater (ever tried to pry a toddler from behind a water heater???) and fall down the giant drain. I gave up. There's no lock on the door and he can open it with ease. No worries, I'm not going to let anything happen to him. I've just gated that doorway. Now he can open the door to see in but can't get to the oh-so-tempting dangers. Score one for Mommy.

Electrical sockets. Yeah. At the old house we had every socket fixed with covers or had replaced them entirely with the safety sockets. I've done some but the rest are still packed and I haven't found them yet. So what does he try to do? Swipes an Allen wrench from Daddy and tries to shove it into the socket. Awe. (not!) Some.

Showers. The old house he didn't like the shower stall all that much. But here the doors are brand new and glass. They make and excellent thing to bang on with any heavy toy he can find. He even managed to kick one free of its track today. How does he find t his stuff?

Yeah, we're playing major catch up trying to beat Billy to the dangers.

Next time I think to move with a toddler, shoot me. Good thing I don't plan on moving again!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Baby Boom

Seems like everybody is having a baby these days. For a long time only a few of my friends had children and now it seems like they're all pregnant with either number one or number two. Everywhere I look on the streets I seem to run into pregnant women.

What's going on? Who knows. There must be something in the water.

But I would like to personally welcome a new little angel to the world and congratulate her new parents. I'm so excited for you all. Here are a few things to look forward to:

~ Forget sleep. Sleeping was part of your old life. Welcome to Zombieland.
~ Everything pink. If you're me and LOVE pink, then this is awesome. If you're not a fan of pink, well... better learn to love it!
~ Having conversations about different types of bodily fluids and thinking it's totally normal to talk about it. Then realizing you can't think of anything else to talk about because your whole day was consumed by diapers and spit up.
~ No the dirty bottles aren't breeding, even if they seem to be multiplying.
~ The bestest little smiles in the whole wide world. Yes, I said bestest.
~ Snuggles and cuddles and lots of joy.

Congrats to all of the new parents out there and good luck!