Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday Post ~ Erin Go Bragh!

Once upon a time there was a young man living in Ireland. When his parents died, by Irish law he inherited everything, being the oldest male heir. But he didn't want to leave his younger siblings destitute. So, he gave the farm to them. Then he stole the family horse and rode it to the coast to sell it for passage to America. He had heard that in America the streets were paved with gold. But when he arrived, he found that the streets weren't paved at all. So, he started a paving company and paved the roads.

That's the story of how Billy's Irish ancestor got here. Is it true? Well, the Irish are fond of exaggeration, but maybe there's a kernel of truth in there.

Today let's remember all of our Irish immigrants and the hardships they suffered to get here. In honor of them let's all celebrate in the time-honored Irish way. Drink a Guinness (or Bailey's). Slainte!

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