Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012 ~ Sleepless in Baltimore

Well, part of the movie was filmed here, so it works.

Billy was up extra late yesterday so I put him to bed a few minutes early today. This is standard around here. If he's up extra late then he gets an earlier bedtime the next day.

But after an hour I could still hear him banging around in his crib. This could mean only one thing: he was still awake.

I don't know why he couldn't sleep. Maybe it's the new room. Maybe it's waiting up for Daddy. Maybe it's the Ides of March. Et tu, Billy?

I went in prepared for battle. I had a binky, milk and classical music. But he didn't cry. He didn't even sit up. He was just laying there peacefully, trying to fall asleep. I gave him the binky, rocked him.

Only a few months ago he would have been crying so loud that Canada could hear him. Being left alone was a total No Go. So to have him quietly hang out in his crib for over an hour is a huge change in his demeanor.

I just checked on him again. Not sound asleep yet, but lightly sleeping and happy as a clam.

Binky, milk and classical music. Works every time.

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