Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011 ~ More Moo Please!

Today was a very busy day for us.

Last night after Billy went to bed, I broke down the makeshift desk in the den and assembled Daddy's old desk. It looks so much better. Unfortunately, now I can't get the big computer to work, having moved it, so I can't add any photos today. I don't understand how unplugging and replugging in the computer causes mass chaos, but with Daddy's computers, it always does. Never have these issues with my own computers.

Well, anyway, Billy spent the morning exploring the new desk and the increased floor space.

During naptime I went over to Grandma's to pick up her tree to borrow for the season (Grandma was sitting). Daddy was supposed to get us a real tree, but being too busy with work, I opted to make things easier on him and set up the artificial one. While he was sleeping I got the whole tree assembled. When he woke up he explored the bare tree.

After checking out the tree I showed him some other decorations. we have a Hallmark singing Christmas dog. He thought it was intriguing and terrifying. He hid behind me and peeked around to watch it dance. Honestly, those things are a little scary, in a fluffy kind of way.

I also noticed that the heat wasn't working in the house, so I called a repairman that works with my family. We had to hang out in the den where we have a radiator and separate heating unit to be warm, especially since Billy is still technically sick. The main house didn't get too cold thanks to the sunny day, but it was a bit chilly. The repairman came during the time that we were supposed to be at a Christmas party, but it's better to have heat. It turned out to be a small clogged tube causing the problem. All fixed.

Before bed I taught Billy "moo", meaning "milk". He keeps trying to say milk, but it comes out either as "ick" or "kah". So I thought him "moo" and he got it on the first try. Now he knows when he wants milk all he has to do is ask for "moo" and Mommy will get it for him.

He's also getting a canine tooth, so he's a grumpy gus. Occasionally, I hear him whimper in his crib. Those teethies must really hurt.

After he went to bed I decorated the interior of the house for Christmas. Outside will be tomorrow. I'm just glad it's done. He'll get to explore all of the non-breakable ornaments in the morning. I still have to clean up all of the boxes, so I'm off to go put them back in their closet. Until tomorrow!

Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9, 2011 ~ First Soup

When I picked Billy up from daycare today he didn't immediately run to me like he usually does. In fact, he was avoiding the the teachers too. Why? He had swiped some stickers from the older kids and was kidding them for a time to eat them when no one was looking. Well, adults are sneaky and we got the stickers away from him, silly boy.

Billy and I had a big argument today. The TV is the problem. He wants to touch it, bang on it, shake it, etc. There are Billy hand prints all over the screen. This is an ongoing problem. I can't just turn off the TV- he continues to attack it and, besides, he has to learn to listen to Mommy. I had to bum smack again today. Fortunately, that worked this time, after multiple failures with "no!" and hand smacks and distracting him. I would prefer not to use a bum smack and I'm a total No Go on true full-out spanking... yuck! At least the bum smack worked. He let out a fake cry (because there's no way a light rap through a diaper hurts more than feelings) and then went to get his school bus and push it around. Ugh.

For dinner he got to try homemade soup- the first soup he has ever had. I sent it with him to daycare and he refused to eat it, but I got him to eat it at home. True, I added sour cream and pepper as a garnish to help it go down. That's how I like it, and he liked it too. Clearly, soup is not his favorite, but it's a new texture and flavor to him and it doesn't contain sugar, so I wasn't expecting fireworks to go off on the first try. He hated peas for a long time and loves them now. Same with corn. The fact that he ate half of his bowl suggests I can get him to eat more tomorrow without fuss.

After dinner he played tug-of-war with Buddy. The two of them are becoming better friends. Buddy knows that Billy is always willing to share his snacks, much to Mommy's chagrin. And Billy has learned how to encourage Buddy to play, so they play together now. They played for 20 minutes with Buddy's snake. Billy would grab the tail and run away and Buddy would grab the other end and pull. Buddy is sweet too. He doesn't pull very hard so that Billy has a chance to hold on. When I play with him Buddy puts his whole weight into it and I can barely hang on. So I know Buddy is looking out for my Lil Man. That's pretty cool.

Billy also got to learn about the heater today. Blown air is a great toy.

And I'll leave you with this picture from this morning. I'm so proud.

December 8, 2011 ~ Santa Left Me a Big Present!

It has a Billy inside!

Billy went back to daycare today. He is still sick, but not so sick to stay home. He has a bad cough and in the morning some light wheezing. My biggest concern with going back to daycare is exposing the other kids to this illness. But apparently it will be in his system for another two weeks, and I just don't have two weeks of vacation time laying around to stay home with him.

When he got home he was tired but wanted to get into everything.

Here he is in his little fort that he made between boxes and furniture that are still in the process of being moved in. (Aka- hey Daddy, get on this stuff!)

Billy and I had a big fight over the television. I didn't turn it on until after 7 to watch the national news, but Billy was very interested in it regardless of the programming. We're trying to keep him from toughing the TV. It's large and not attached to the wall. The bigger he gets, the harder he can smack it. He's either going to crack the screen (like when he took a swing at it today with a plastic wrench) or he's going to topple the whole thing onto himself (like today when he shook it). I tried "no!" He thinks "no" is funny. I tried the hand slap. No Go. I tried directing him towards his toys. No Go. He just kept touching the TV. Time out? Tried to bite me for that one. Finally, I resorted to the bum slap. I'm not for spanking. But sometimes you have to let them know who's boss. There's spanking- bare bum, over the knee, counting one two three. Then there's the bum slap- one to three slaps to the clothed and diapered bum right at the scene of the crime. He's got to learn to listen somehow and I'm at my wits end trying to get him to stay out of things.

The footstool cube was a big hit today. Hiding behind it, hiding in it, and here's Billy...

Falling asleep on its lid.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 7, 2011 ~ Back To Normal

This morning when Billy got up he was still lightly wheezing, so I treated him with the inhaler.

He was feeling much better, so, of course, he wanted to get into everything. Anything he could find that he shouldn't touch he went after. At one point he picked up something he wasn't allowed to touch, and without prompting from me started giggling and chanting "bad, bad, bad".

He really wanted me to dance with him in my arms today. I would be sitting on the floor and he would come over and grab my sweater on the shoulder, pulling upwards. I would stand up then, as indicated and he would ask to be picked up, which I would do. Then he would start swaying back and forth- his way of telling me to start dancing.

Unfortunately, I am whipped and not in the mood to dance. It's a combination of things. One, staying up and watching him at night. Two, I'm sick too. I probably have the same thing he does, only with fully developed lungs, the virus isn't dangerous, just annoying. Three, I have been working full days at home. Working from home with a toddler, though, isn't just putting in a full day. I have to fit my work in around his sleep schedule. If he's up, he won't let me work.

However, when the Sugar Plum Fairy song came on itunes I did start dancing around, having played the part before. He point and started whining. "You're dancing without me, how dare you!" he was trying to say with "eh, eh, eh".

When it came time for his nap it was still too early to give him his medication. I debated keeping him up, but I want to get him back on schedule and he's so tired. I opted just to put him to bed. He was not interested and cried for an hour off and on with me trying to cajole him into sleeping. I could have given him the inhaler then, but it upsets him a lot, which is the opposite effect of trying to calm him into napping. It worked out, though. When he got up from his nap he wasn't wheezing, so he didn't need it, anyway.

At dinner I gave him chicken pot pie, which he had yesterday and loved. I actually made it Monday night (from a box), but the trip to the hospital got in the way of dinner. He wasn't really interested in dinner. When I wouldn't give him what he wanted (sugar), he threw a fit. He threw the china plate on the floor, spilling everything. Buddy was very glad to get to eat all of Billy's dinner. Luckily, the plate didn't break. Regardless, Billy knows not to throw things on the floor, so I whisked him off to his crib sans binky for a 3 minute punishment. I don't want him to associate the crib with punishment, since then he won't want to go to sleep, but I haven't come up with a better option yet for the really bad behavior. Normally, he gets a light rap on the hand for trying to touch something he knows he shouldn't, and he gets a 10 second sit down punishment, where I hold him in a sitting position on the floor. The latter is usually more effective, since it removes him from the scene of the crime. I have a designated punishment sitting location.

Right now he is crying off and on in his crib- teething. Poor guy. Over one thing and on to the next.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6, 2011 ~ In Photos ~ Comment with your captions!

Look, Mom, it glows! Like a raver he was mesmerized by the pen for over twenty minutes.

Uh, oh. Driving (remotely) while on a cell phone!

I guess I need to teach him about prints and stripes, because that purse def doesn't match his outfit!

Who needs a binky when you can have a wooden spoon? 

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December 6, 2011 ~ A Much Quieter Day

Because of the breathing issues, I spent the night on the floor in Billy's room beside the crib. I am a light sleeper, so even the congested sounds of his wheezing will wake me up (this is likely why I am ALWAYS tired.) Thanks to the treatment at the hospital, though, he was breathing well.

In the early morning before the sun was up he woke up and discovered I was in his room. The sound of him standing up woke me up. He looked at me and then threw his binky at me. Then he took the binky in his other hand and threw that at me too. I handed both back and told him to go back to sleep. Again, he threw both binkies at me. This process repeated several times until he became frustrated and threw a stuffed cat at me. Apparently, he didn't want me in his room while he was sleeping. I gathered up my stuff and left and he laid right down and went back to sleep.

He didn't get up until 11, and Daddy and I both decided that letting him sleep in was better than keeping him on schedule. For one, he came home way past his bedtime yesterday, thanks to our little ER adventure.

When he got up finally his appetite had come back. He ate two eggs, half a waffle and some cheerios. Whatever it takes to keep him fed.

Later, Daddy was playing around with Billy and a back scratcher. To be funny, Daddy jokingly used it to scratch some unmentionable parts to make me laugh. Then he handed Billy the back scratcher. Billy chased Daddy around the house trying to scratch those same unmentionables until he managed to whack Daddy right where it counts. I don't think that joke will be repeated.

Well, earlier Billy's breathing sounded really good. Now that he's sleeping he's wheezing again, even with the inhaler. We're monitoring him closely and will administer another dose as soon as we can to see if it has any effect. If it doesn't, well, let's hope that it does so we don't have to go out in the dark and ran tonight.

Looks like another night of being pelted by binkies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5, 2011 ~ A Trip to the Hospital

This morning began with a trip to see the pediatrician- well, the nurse practitioner since the doctor was not available in the morning. Billy was very clearly having breathing difficulties and was not a happy camper. Most notably is a condition called tugging. This is wear the infant is breathing so hard that the skin is tugged through the ribs. I noticed it when this all started and knew this was no cold.

She diagnosed him with brochiolitis.

According to Wikipedia:

Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest air passages of the lungs. It usually occurs in children less than two years of age and presents with coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This inflammation is usually caused by respiratory syncytial virus[1]. Treatment is typically supportive[2] but may involve the use of nebulized epinephrine or hypertonic saline.

It is common among infants, only treatable with supportive medicines and in some cases fatal.

They used a nebulizer on him at the doctor's office and that opened up his airways and made his breathing easier. They sent us home with an inhaler containing the same medicine.

After treatment he was a different baby- running everywhere and getting into everything. Fortunately, being able to breath meant he could sleep, so off to nap he went.

Four hours after the original treatment we had to treat him again at home. I had Daddy do it since he has an inhaler for himself. Seems logical to have someone that knows the device use it, right? Again, immediate improvement right after the treatment.

Then Daddy went off to class.

Two hours after treatment he keeled over wheezing and screaming. Per doctor's orders I was to call if the medicine wore off sooner than 4 hours. His regular doctor was on call and recommended a trip to the ER for pulse and to test for RSV.

Here is Billy inbetween tests in the peds ward of the ER. They gave him a gown with koalas flying spaceships. I'm not sure why koalas would want to fly spaceships...

They reconfirmed the original diagnosis and determined that his oxygen levels were ok enough for us to go home. Apparently, the wheezing was our fault, not that we knew it at the time.

Daddy administered the inhaler dosage the same way he administers his own. However, the inhaler with the pediatric chamber is administered another way and, as it turns out, he got half or less than the dose he should have received. I had the nurse in the ER show me how to administer it so that Billy won't have to suffer with the tugging and wheezing.

We are still waiting on some test results, but Billy gets to sleep in his own bed tonight. I am off to his room to keep watch over him tonight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day of the disease, so let's hope the disease isn't mean to Billy and won't make him suffer more.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011 ~ A #1 Most Miserable Baby

Misery, thy name is Billy.

Billy is teething and has been having trouble sleeping lately. The binky always fixes everything, though. When he wakes up in pain we just pop the binky back in and he falls right back asleep.

Last night it became acutely clear that more than a tooth was at work.

Before midnight he had already woken up three times crying for the binky. But after midnight was a whole different story. He woke up screaming in pain. The binky was not enough to settle him. In fact, he still had the binky in his mouth. He screamed even through trying to rock him to sleep. Finally, exhaustion took over and he went back to sleep.

A half hour later the whole process repeated. Only this time add in dry-retching and difficulty breathing. OMG. I was so afraid. But I got him to settle back down and relax (which relaxed the breathing) and go back to sleep.

A half hour later it repeated. I made Daddy go take care of that round.

Then again. And again, Daddy and I taking turns soothing him.

By 4am I was so exhausted and worried that I gave up trying to sleep. He woke up again screaming. So I rocked him back to sleep and held him in my arms until 7, when I switched off with Daddy. Daddy then held him until 10am in the rocking chair. Then Daddy took him into the steaming shower to try and open up his nasal passages.

I got up at 10:30am. Billy was alternating from looking miserable to screaming. He wanted to be held, but he couldn't get comfortable and would start crying. If it hadn't been Sunday he would have gone straight to the doctor (open on Saturdays too). But being Sunday, it was emergent care or stay home. We stayed home. He was so tired and miserable. I just sat on the floor with him and rubbed his back, trying to interest him in toys. I also had Nemo on to keep him occupied.

By noon it was clear that he needed to sleep. Only, he was afraid to go to sleep. He would lay his head down, then startle and start to cry. I relented and danced him to sleep. Nothing like classic 70s rock to put you out. (I love classic rock- Billy can fall asleep to the 1812 Overture, so that's not a comment about the music.) In fact, concerned that he wouldn't sleep, I moved my ipod and docking station into his room and put on my classical playlist for him. He actually did sleep to the 1812 Overture.

I had to run out for some errands so once he was sound asleep I headed out to get everything done as fast as I could. He woke up after about 1.5 hours, miserable again. But I wasn't able to come home yet.
When I did make it back, 1.5 hours after he woke up, this is what I fouund:

Billy, sound asleep on the carpet in front of the TV. He slept there, with the football game on, for more than two hours. A phone call from Grandpop woke him up. I would like to note that Billy has NEVER fallen asleep on the floor before.

He was miserable when he woke up and only wanted Mommy. So I held him for awhile. He has started to love football, so he got in to watching the rest of the game and stealing oreos from Daddy. Then Daddy and I played football with him and his inflatable ball. That lifted his spirits some.

I gave him a quick dinner of yogurt and fruit, a bath to clear his lungs and then put him to bed. Again, I had to dance him to sleep. We did rock for awhile and look up at the planets projection on the ceiling. Finally, he relaxed enough to go to sleep. He's in there now, sleeping to classical music to keep him calm. I heard him wake up already, but he put himself back to sleep, and I'm betting it's the music keeping him calm.

In a terrible stroke of luck, Daddy has gotten sick too. Daddy never gets sick.

Tomorrow, I hope thy name is Relief.

December 3, 2011 ~ Fish, Trains and a Big Bump

Thanks to the teething Billy had me up before 8am today. Now, I know other babies get up earlier, but he normally gets up at 8:30, so it's early for him. When I have insomnia, it's really early for me.

By 9am he was bored with his toys and I had chased him from one end of the house to the other more than ten times. He wouldn't stay still long enough for me to make coffee. I tried erecting the baby gate. First he ripped it down. Then I wedged it in tighter, but had to go higher with it for a better fit (the walls aren't straight). So, he figured out how to crawl under it. By 9:30 I corralled him into his bedroom- the only baby-safe room in the house with doors and without sleeping people. Containment is key when lil man has boundless energy and I'm whipped.

Unfortunately, moving furniture around woke him up early from his nap. Always a recipe for crankypants. How to solve the crankies? Food.

Daddy was making fish sticks for himself for lunch so we decided to let Billy try his first fish.

He thought it was very tasty. I know in the photo he looks kind of concerned, but he is merely inspecting the properties of this strange new food. Fish is a success.And Mommy is excited that so far no allergic reaction to fish, yay! (I am always nervous about his health when exposing him to major allergens, like peanuts and soy, etc.)

After lunch Grandma and I took Billy to Kenilworth to see the trains.

If you're not familiar with Kenilworth, every Christmas the mall sets up a huge train garden around the central fountain. It's a big draw for the kiddies. So is Santa, but he was on his break while we were there. Probably out feeding the reindeer or getting some milk and cookies. We weren't there to see him yet, anyway. Have to find a Christmas outfit first.

When we got home we went outside to play. Billy was trying to head for the street, so I was blocking him with my legs from going near traffic. I always do this. He's fascinated with attempting to run to the end of our street and see the cars on the cross street. Mommy is not excited by this. Normally, he grabs my legs and tries to side step me, which never works. Today, however, he decided to run headlong into me. I had no warning, since he was standing still right in front of me and then ran at me full speed to get me out of his path. The result? He hit me, stumbled backwards, tripped over his own feet and belly-flopped onto the pavement. I nearly caught him from falling, but it happened just a split second faster than my reaction. He cried for just a minute and then wanted down to go play again. Of course, he immediately decided to try running down the street again. Ok, time to go in.

After a few minutes playing inside I noticed his face was turning red and splotchy. Because it's so cold outside it must have kept the redness from developing until we came into the warmth. He had a red spot on his forehead, tip of his nose, and all across his face like a beard. I didn't think the fall look that bad when it happened. I tried to ice it but he wanted none of it. He was totally unphased by it. Must look worse than it really was. After awhile the redness faded except for on the forehead.

You can see the little red mark in this picture of laundry basket rides.

Just before bed (and just before the above photo) I had to go on the Great Binky Hunt. We were down to the one cheapie back-up. I crawled under the crib to try and find any that had fallen behind. They get lost under the dust ruffle and behind a box under the crib. All of a sudden Billy climb on top of me, grabs my shoulders and starts bouncing like he were on a pony ride. Mommy doesn't do pony rides, but it was so funny that I called for Daddy through the monitor. Daddy had to finish laughing before letting Billy get a Daddy pony ride (with Mommy following close behind to prevent any spills). Definitely don't need any more head bumps today.

It's midnight and he's been up three times already with teething pain. Poor guy. Hope tomorrow that tooth finally gets here and leaves him alone.