Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 7, 2011 ~ Back To Normal

This morning when Billy got up he was still lightly wheezing, so I treated him with the inhaler.

He was feeling much better, so, of course, he wanted to get into everything. Anything he could find that he shouldn't touch he went after. At one point he picked up something he wasn't allowed to touch, and without prompting from me started giggling and chanting "bad, bad, bad".

He really wanted me to dance with him in my arms today. I would be sitting on the floor and he would come over and grab my sweater on the shoulder, pulling upwards. I would stand up then, as indicated and he would ask to be picked up, which I would do. Then he would start swaying back and forth- his way of telling me to start dancing.

Unfortunately, I am whipped and not in the mood to dance. It's a combination of things. One, staying up and watching him at night. Two, I'm sick too. I probably have the same thing he does, only with fully developed lungs, the virus isn't dangerous, just annoying. Three, I have been working full days at home. Working from home with a toddler, though, isn't just putting in a full day. I have to fit my work in around his sleep schedule. If he's up, he won't let me work.

However, when the Sugar Plum Fairy song came on itunes I did start dancing around, having played the part before. He point and started whining. "You're dancing without me, how dare you!" he was trying to say with "eh, eh, eh".

When it came time for his nap it was still too early to give him his medication. I debated keeping him up, but I want to get him back on schedule and he's so tired. I opted just to put him to bed. He was not interested and cried for an hour off and on with me trying to cajole him into sleeping. I could have given him the inhaler then, but it upsets him a lot, which is the opposite effect of trying to calm him into napping. It worked out, though. When he got up from his nap he wasn't wheezing, so he didn't need it, anyway.

At dinner I gave him chicken pot pie, which he had yesterday and loved. I actually made it Monday night (from a box), but the trip to the hospital got in the way of dinner. He wasn't really interested in dinner. When I wouldn't give him what he wanted (sugar), he threw a fit. He threw the china plate on the floor, spilling everything. Buddy was very glad to get to eat all of Billy's dinner. Luckily, the plate didn't break. Regardless, Billy knows not to throw things on the floor, so I whisked him off to his crib sans binky for a 3 minute punishment. I don't want him to associate the crib with punishment, since then he won't want to go to sleep, but I haven't come up with a better option yet for the really bad behavior. Normally, he gets a light rap on the hand for trying to touch something he knows he shouldn't, and he gets a 10 second sit down punishment, where I hold him in a sitting position on the floor. The latter is usually more effective, since it removes him from the scene of the crime. I have a designated punishment sitting location.

Right now he is crying off and on in his crib- teething. Poor guy. Over one thing and on to the next.

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