Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6, 2011 ~ A Much Quieter Day

Because of the breathing issues, I spent the night on the floor in Billy's room beside the crib. I am a light sleeper, so even the congested sounds of his wheezing will wake me up (this is likely why I am ALWAYS tired.) Thanks to the treatment at the hospital, though, he was breathing well.

In the early morning before the sun was up he woke up and discovered I was in his room. The sound of him standing up woke me up. He looked at me and then threw his binky at me. Then he took the binky in his other hand and threw that at me too. I handed both back and told him to go back to sleep. Again, he threw both binkies at me. This process repeated several times until he became frustrated and threw a stuffed cat at me. Apparently, he didn't want me in his room while he was sleeping. I gathered up my stuff and left and he laid right down and went back to sleep.

He didn't get up until 11, and Daddy and I both decided that letting him sleep in was better than keeping him on schedule. For one, he came home way past his bedtime yesterday, thanks to our little ER adventure.

When he got up finally his appetite had come back. He ate two eggs, half a waffle and some cheerios. Whatever it takes to keep him fed.

Later, Daddy was playing around with Billy and a back scratcher. To be funny, Daddy jokingly used it to scratch some unmentionable parts to make me laugh. Then he handed Billy the back scratcher. Billy chased Daddy around the house trying to scratch those same unmentionables until he managed to whack Daddy right where it counts. I don't think that joke will be repeated.

Well, earlier Billy's breathing sounded really good. Now that he's sleeping he's wheezing again, even with the inhaler. We're monitoring him closely and will administer another dose as soon as we can to see if it has any effect. If it doesn't, well, let's hope that it does so we don't have to go out in the dark and ran tonight.

Looks like another night of being pelted by binkies.

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