Friday, December 7, 2012

December 6, 2012 ~ How Did It Come To This?

Today I got roped into hosting the neighborhood Christmas party. I actually enjoy hosting parties. Scratch that- I used to enjoy hosting parties.

But in my fancy clothes, scrubbing pee, crushed peas and an errant cheerio from the bathroom floor around the training potty just moments before guests started to arrive, I asked myself, "how did it come to this?"

Three years ago my house would have been impeccable. I would have had a full spread of delectable holiday treats on the table. Custom Christmas music playlist crooning from my stereo, and every decoration in just the right spot. I would have been dressed up, with makeup on, jewelry, freshly showered and hair coiffed.

That's not how this went down.

I never made it to vacuuming, so the dirt got swept under the rug- literally, hoping that no one would notice. I windexed the coffee table, but realized there was a huge streak. Oh well, it's as good as it's going to get. The office is a mess. It's Daddy's stuff and I refuse to bother. He was told to clean it up. He didn't. So, it's a wreck. Whatever. The best I've got on the music front is a radio station playing Christmas music between commercial breaks. My appetizers are nuts and gummi bears. At least, I roasted the nuts myself- a month ago. I'm dressed, but not showered, no make-up, no jewelry, and my hair is pulled back into a no-fuss ponytail. And as I look around at all of the things that didn't get done but should have, I shrug.

How did it come to this? Motherhood.

Between working and being a Mom, there's no time for the things I would have done. I can't make there be more hours in the day. I can't keep up like I used to. It's just a simple fact. Canapes and santa hat appetizers simply aren't going to happen.

And try as hard as I do... I wonder how those perfectly coiffed Moms throw those big, fancy parties with all of the trimmings. They must have elves on speed dial...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

An article to read from CNN

Just down the street from where I am sitting, a little boy is recovering from a terrible trauma. It's worth reading about the horrible attack, an awful practice, and his miracle recovery.

From horror to hope: Boy's miracle recovery from brutal attack

Drawn In Thursdays: Things Kids Do #18

Click to Enlarge
A true story from yesterday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 4, 2012 ~ Look! It's Baby Jesus!

So, a few days ago we went to see Santa's magical flying alpacas. And I was telling Billy all about the baby Jesus, who was in there with the magical alpacas. Okay, not the real Jesus, but a giant wooden cutout nativity scene- in with the magical alpacas. Let's just process that for a moment...

And at home I'm getting ready to put out the creche. I showed Billy the little figurine of baby Jesus sleeping in the manger.

Bring on Grandma's house.

Billy was looking at a framed picture of a baby at Grandma's house. Three guesses who the baby was and the first two don't count.

But Billy saw it and shouted, "it's baby Jesus!"

"No, honey. That's you. That's baby Billy."

"No, Mommy. It's baby Jesus!"

And then Grandma looked at me and replied, "guess that makes you Mary."

And now we're working on the concept that not all babies are Jesus...

December 3, 2012 ~ Go See AB

First off, I don't mention other kids by name on my blog for their own protection. It's my choice to talk about Billy online, but other parents may not want to see their kids' names appear on the web. So, for that reason I will be referring to Billy's friend as AB.

We went over to AB's house for dinner to celebrate her Daddy's birthday. Her Daddy is a dear friend of mine from long before we had kids or were married. As fate would have it, AB and Billy are only 3 weeks apart in age. Perfect playmates. Unfortunately, busy parenting lives mean we never see each other. But, we've decided to work on that. I'll let you know how that goes.

We walked into their house and Billy was absolutely terrified. Not sure why. But he wouldn't talk and he wouldn't get down. Every time I tried to put him down he clung to me like a little monkey.

But, finally, he realized there were girl toys all over the place, so he got down and started to play with AB's toys. That worked out well and the adults got to visit.

Then it was kids' dinner time. Billy sat with AB and her older brother at the table. The siblings quarreled a bit, and Billy sat there in what I would call stunned silence. I know he's seen kids have arguments at school. But he only sees kids either in large groups or one on one. He's not used to siblings close in age and the standard "that's mine!" fight.

After dinner he managed to catch on to the routine, though. The kids played, the adults ate and talked.

Billy was having so much fun that he pooped his pants. I wish that were just a phrase, but in his case, that would be literal. Fortunately, I came prepared with extra clothes.

Then we toured the house. Billy got to climb up into a bunk bed. When it was time to leave he didn't want to go. He told me he was going to sleep in the bunk bed instead. But, alas, it was bedtime.

"We go back to AB's?" he asked on the car ride home. Why, yes. Yes we will.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2, 2012 ~ A Big Holiday Weekend

Billy had a holiday-packed weekend.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the Lighted Boat Parade. It was great weather, but unfortunately Daddy got hung up out of town so we weren't able to go. Billy was really looking forward to it, so I took him to Watson's to see Santa's reindeer instead.

Apparently, Rudolf and his reindeer friends are on strike this year. No worries! Santa was able to find some magical flying baby alpacas to get presents there on time.

Billy checking out the magical flying alpacas.

"No, Mommy. They're llamas," he says. Well, not to pick a nit, but those are alpacas. As Grandma said, "you've seen llamas next to alpacas, so you would know." It's true. Daddy and I went to Peru, home of the llama and the alpaca. Also home to their wild cousin the vicuna (v-eye-coon-yah). Easy way to tell is that if it's cute, it's an alpaca.These are extra cute, since they are just babies.

After this I got to go out with the ladies for the evening and had a wonderful time. Thank you JB for the ticket. You're awesome!

On Sunday I promised to take Billy to the store to buy his very own ornament for the tree. He didn't get to help me decorate. I vacillated between having him help, or not, but given the number of important breakable ornaments, I decided to wait until next year. But I want him to feel included, so we went to the store to buy an ornament for him. He got to pick out whatever he wanted (within reason).

He chose this:

By the way, that's plastic, so he can pull it off of the tree and I don't have to worry. He also has some other favorites on the tree. The top is a little old car that used to belong to his namesake. Then my ladybug and then Scooby-Do's Mystery Van (it talks).

I also introduced him to some more classic music. His new favorite song is "See You Later, Alligator". It's also, coincidentally (and the reason I played the song for him) his current favorite phrase.

The Sunday Post ~ Flip 'n' Tip Fred Recycling Truck Review

Buy it here.

Grandpop bought this toy for Billy's birthday. We were really excited about it. This truck has moving parts, moves on its own and requires no batteries. Nope. No batteries! What an amazing concept. We could be without power or batteries and this toy would still work!

Go ahead and click on the link and see how cool this toy is.

It comes with three trash cans (okay, they are recycling cans, but let's get real here. This is a trash truck.)

It has an arm that dumps the cans into the back of the truck. Or the back gate lifts the cans into the truck. Then you open the door and the cans shoot out the side. Plus two little trash people to help get all that trash into the truck to cart it off.

On the top is a handle so the child can grab it and push it around. What's cool here is that once you give it a push, the energy from the push gets the mechanism going and the truck moves on its on volition, making lots of sound.


And here's the downside to this fabulous toy.

It makes too much sound. It is the loudest toy that we own. So loud, in fact, that it is louder than the vacuum cleaner. It might possibly be the loudest item we own, power tools included. It is ear-shattering loud. Like, lawsuit for permanent hearing loss loud.

The sound is tolerable if you use it on a carpet, but then the go-on-its-own action doesn't work nearly as well. So, it ends up being pushed around on the wood floor, giving everyone in the house a headache.

In principle I love this toy. But I can't take the batteries out to reduce the noise, since there are no batteries. And you can't tell a little boy not to push a truck around.

We also own a smaller truck by the same company with the same sound/motor mechanism in it and that one isn't nearly as loud. But it is also smaller.

Moral of the story: Buy at your own hearing risk.

Monday, December 3, 2012

November 30, 2012 ~ O, Christmas Tree

Billy has no memory of having a Christmas tree, so when he woke up and found a fully decorated tree in the living room it was, well, like Christmas.

"Mommy, toys on the tree!"

He wanted to play with the 'toys' on the tree, but obviously he's not allowed to play with tree ornaments, especially the breakable ones.

So, he instead decided to hand his toys in the tree to. I guess if Mommy gets to put her toys in the tree, so should Billy.

Here's Billy's paper basket hanging in the tree.

Oh yeah, and I was totally late to work because I couldn't drag him away from the tree of toys.