Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Flip 'n' Tip Fred Recycling Truck Review

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Grandpop bought this toy for Billy's birthday. We were really excited about it. This truck has moving parts, moves on its own and requires no batteries. Nope. No batteries! What an amazing concept. We could be without power or batteries and this toy would still work!

Go ahead and click on the link and see how cool this toy is.

It comes with three trash cans (okay, they are recycling cans, but let's get real here. This is a trash truck.)

It has an arm that dumps the cans into the back of the truck. Or the back gate lifts the cans into the truck. Then you open the door and the cans shoot out the side. Plus two little trash people to help get all that trash into the truck to cart it off.

On the top is a handle so the child can grab it and push it around. What's cool here is that once you give it a push, the energy from the push gets the mechanism going and the truck moves on its on volition, making lots of sound.


And here's the downside to this fabulous toy.

It makes too much sound. It is the loudest toy that we own. So loud, in fact, that it is louder than the vacuum cleaner. It might possibly be the loudest item we own, power tools included. It is ear-shattering loud. Like, lawsuit for permanent hearing loss loud.

The sound is tolerable if you use it on a carpet, but then the go-on-its-own action doesn't work nearly as well. So, it ends up being pushed around on the wood floor, giving everyone in the house a headache.

In principle I love this toy. But I can't take the batteries out to reduce the noise, since there are no batteries. And you can't tell a little boy not to push a truck around.

We also own a smaller truck by the same company with the same sound/motor mechanism in it and that one isn't nearly as loud. But it is also smaller.

Moral of the story: Buy at your own hearing risk.

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