Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drawn In Thursdays: Things Kids Do #21

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A true story from EVERY week.

February 26, 2013 ~ The Secret of the Firehouse

Every day on our way home we pass the firehouse. The trucks are never out in the driveway, but we can see the shiny red fire engines through the big windows. Often, I turn down the road in front of the firehouse so Billy can get a better look and go home the back way.

Billy really wants to see inside of the firehouse.

I tell him, "Not today. It's dinnertime. The firemen are eating." Or "Not today. It's bedtime. The firemen are sleeping."

So, now when we drive past the firehouse Billy shouts, "Firemen, wake up!" He also asks me repeatedly if we can eat dinner at the firehouse.

Every day, without fail, even if we don't drive past the firehouse, Billy asks to see inside the firehouse.


What is going on in his toddler brain that makes him want to see inside it so bad? Shiny fire trucks? Firemen with cool hats? Hoses and ladders? The prerequisite dalmatian?

This week he says to me, "Mommy, I know Santa Claus is at the firehouse. We go see firehouse. Santa give me candy."

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why would Santa be at the firehouse? He's in the North Pole right now getting ready for Christmas, right?"

I told this to Billy.

"No, Mommy. Santa drives a fire truck. Santa at firehouse. We go see him. I get candy."

Let's look at this photo from December:

We have Santa Claus, a fire truck, and Santa passing out candy.

Oh, yes, folks. He wears a red suit, rides in a fire truck, has a cool hat, big black boots. Clearly, Santa is a fireman!

And I bet all of those people searching for Santa at the North Pole feel silly now. All along he's just been down at the local fire station doing his part for the community.

And now I know why Billy can't wait to get inside the firehouse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013 ~ Miscues

If you read my blog regularly then you probably know that Billy is a very vocal two year old with a pretty decent vocabulary. I knows a lot of words and is pretty good at expressing himself.

But now he's trying to use phrases. He uses them correctly, just not in the right context.

Back in the summer we were at Grandpop's. We were outside by the cars getting ready to leave and Grandpop said "Let's hit the road." So, Billy bent down and smacked the pavement.

One of his current favorite words is "either". He loves to end a sentence with this word. "I don't want any juice, either." Or "I don't like it, either." But he's also using it this way: "I also want juice, either." And "I want to go outside, either."

Today Buddy had been sick to his stomach and I explained to Billy that Buddy didn't feel good.

Later we were reading a story. Billy said to me, "Mommy, I don't feel good." I asked him, "Is it your tummy?" Now, just like a toddler, he allowed me to lead him into a false statement. He agreed it was his tummy, but that wasn't it.

He was using "I don't feel good" to mean "I don't want to read this book anymore". I guess he equated boredom with not feeling well. Technically right, verbally wrong.

One thing's for sure, most of the time his miscues end in hilarious results.


He doesn't often mispronounce things anymore, although we do still have this one little hang up: Ask him if he wants to listen to music and he will tell you "Yes, I want to hear Moo-Kiss!

But then, if you ask him if you can he peas he will say, "Yes, they are edible."

February 24, 2013 ~ Mohawks and Motorcycles

Our big weekend plans didn't turn out the way we expected them to.

Originally, I had wanted to take Billy to either the Science Center to see the dinosaurs or to the Aquarium to see the fish. But Saturday was an absolutely miserable day outside. Misty and rainy, just warm enough that it wasn't snow. Neither Daddy nor Billy wanted to go outside. Oh well.

So, we stayed in and watched movies. Those would be the Disney variety, of course. We tried out two new ones this weekend, Treasure Planet and AristoCats. He thought the first one (Daddy's pick) was too scary. He really liked the cats, though.

I feel like he watches too many movies, but when we wake up in the morning and I want to have background noise, I go straight for the movies- at least I know that's kid family programming and pre-approved by me. I would rather go outside, but Mother Nature has other ideas.

On Sunday I went out shopping. when I can home this is what I saw:

What's with the hair?

Daddy loaded Billy's hair with product to give him a mohawk. By the time I got home this is what the mohawk looked like. I'm having difficulty washing is all out. He ended up going to school looking like he walked straight out of the movie Grease.

Now appropriately styled like a biker dude, Billy wanted to take his motorcycle outside to ride on it. So we did. Unfortunately, it wouldn't start. Brought it inside, it started up fine. I think it doesn't like the cold. So the biker dude ended up mowing the lawn with his little plastic mower.

I think this mower needs a name. We call his trike the "Green Piece of Awesome" because it entertains him for hours. The mower is even better AND was under 5 dollars. I hereby dub it the "Cheap Piece of Awesome".

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sunday Post ~ Product Review: Stack and Roll Cups

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This is the toy that keeps on giving. It's the perfect toy from infant to toddler and interesting enough to engage adults as well.

The cups nest, stack, form balls, form a tower, connect in multiple ways and come with a rattle ball to complete the set. They come in vibrant colors that attract children. And best of all, they are easily washed and I have run them through the dishwasher with no issue.

They work well as an indoor toy and are a fun addition to the pool toy collection as well.

It's a simple toy. But in it's simplicity there are hours and hours of play for your little one and for you.

February 22, 2013 ~ Had His Cake and Ate It Too

February 21, 2013 ~ Where's the cake?

Yesterday was a bit of a celebration so we went out to buy a cake first and then headed out to get snow crab legs. They are a personal favorite, especially when blue crabs are out of season.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the restaurant was giving away food, because the wait was extra long for a chain restaurant on a Thursday night. But, we'd taken the time to drive over to this place and by the time we got home and cooked something we'd be eating at the same time, so we elected to wait.

Billy had a fabulous time watching the lobsters in the tanks. He thought they were just too cool. What does a lobster say? "I pinch!"

By the time dinner arrived it was well past Billy's bedtime but he was a real champ, quiet, contained and happily eating dinner rolls and "making rainbows" by lining up the different colored sugar packets. It's so nice of restaurants to put toys right there on the table, isn't it?

He ate most of his dinner and said he was full, but when he saw mine he changed his mind. At first he was concerned that the claws were going to bite me. Well, crab do bite, just not after they're cooked. Then he got to taste the crab. Ooh, yum. Boy did he like that. I had to fight him off to be able to eat my dinner.

When I finished eating I went looking through my purse for the gift card that I had to this particular restaurant. I have a purse full of gift cards to restaurants. We don't eat out, so I've got a whole collection. As I was flipping through Billy decided HE wanted all of the gift cards. No way, dude. Too easy to lose down the booth seat or under the table and each one of them has a value.

That brought on epic meltdown. It was after his bedtime after all. I tried to appease him with a pink Victoria's Secret gift card. Nope. "I don't want the pink one!" Really, he didn't want any of them after I said no, he was just upset. So, I whisked him off to the lobby to calm him down while he screamed bloody murder.

When we got back to the table I whipped out a book from the diaper bag and that satisfied his over-tired and now bored self.

Besides, there was singing to be done.

Several waiters came over to sing. Billy joined in. He loves that song.And then they left.

"Where's the cake?!?" he cried.

There was a big cake in the car that Billy had picked out, but no cake on the table, and he had waited so patiently for cake. And yes, that's right. The restaurant did not offer a small piece of cake, even though I have been there in the past and they used to. Oh well, hard economic times, right?

So Billy, disappointed, had to wait another day for cake. It was after bedtime, after all.