Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 24, 2013 ~ Mohawks and Motorcycles

Our big weekend plans didn't turn out the way we expected them to.

Originally, I had wanted to take Billy to either the Science Center to see the dinosaurs or to the Aquarium to see the fish. But Saturday was an absolutely miserable day outside. Misty and rainy, just warm enough that it wasn't snow. Neither Daddy nor Billy wanted to go outside. Oh well.

So, we stayed in and watched movies. Those would be the Disney variety, of course. We tried out two new ones this weekend, Treasure Planet and AristoCats. He thought the first one (Daddy's pick) was too scary. He really liked the cats, though.

I feel like he watches too many movies, but when we wake up in the morning and I want to have background noise, I go straight for the movies- at least I know that's kid family programming and pre-approved by me. I would rather go outside, but Mother Nature has other ideas.

On Sunday I went out shopping. when I can home this is what I saw:

What's with the hair?

Daddy loaded Billy's hair with product to give him a mohawk. By the time I got home this is what the mohawk looked like. I'm having difficulty washing is all out. He ended up going to school looking like he walked straight out of the movie Grease.

Now appropriately styled like a biker dude, Billy wanted to take his motorcycle outside to ride on it. So we did. Unfortunately, it wouldn't start. Brought it inside, it started up fine. I think it doesn't like the cold. So the biker dude ended up mowing the lawn with his little plastic mower.

I think this mower needs a name. We call his trike the "Green Piece of Awesome" because it entertains him for hours. The mower is even better AND was under 5 dollars. I hereby dub it the "Cheap Piece of Awesome".

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