Monday, February 25, 2013

February 21, 2013 ~ Where's the cake?

Yesterday was a bit of a celebration so we went out to buy a cake first and then headed out to get snow crab legs. They are a personal favorite, especially when blue crabs are out of season.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the restaurant was giving away food, because the wait was extra long for a chain restaurant on a Thursday night. But, we'd taken the time to drive over to this place and by the time we got home and cooked something we'd be eating at the same time, so we elected to wait.

Billy had a fabulous time watching the lobsters in the tanks. He thought they were just too cool. What does a lobster say? "I pinch!"

By the time dinner arrived it was well past Billy's bedtime but he was a real champ, quiet, contained and happily eating dinner rolls and "making rainbows" by lining up the different colored sugar packets. It's so nice of restaurants to put toys right there on the table, isn't it?

He ate most of his dinner and said he was full, but when he saw mine he changed his mind. At first he was concerned that the claws were going to bite me. Well, crab do bite, just not after they're cooked. Then he got to taste the crab. Ooh, yum. Boy did he like that. I had to fight him off to be able to eat my dinner.

When I finished eating I went looking through my purse for the gift card that I had to this particular restaurant. I have a purse full of gift cards to restaurants. We don't eat out, so I've got a whole collection. As I was flipping through Billy decided HE wanted all of the gift cards. No way, dude. Too easy to lose down the booth seat or under the table and each one of them has a value.

That brought on epic meltdown. It was after his bedtime after all. I tried to appease him with a pink Victoria's Secret gift card. Nope. "I don't want the pink one!" Really, he didn't want any of them after I said no, he was just upset. So, I whisked him off to the lobby to calm him down while he screamed bloody murder.

When we got back to the table I whipped out a book from the diaper bag and that satisfied his over-tired and now bored self.

Besides, there was singing to be done.

Several waiters came over to sing. Billy joined in. He loves that song.And then they left.

"Where's the cake?!?" he cried.

There was a big cake in the car that Billy had picked out, but no cake on the table, and he had waited so patiently for cake. And yes, that's right. The restaurant did not offer a small piece of cake, even though I have been there in the past and they used to. Oh well, hard economic times, right?

So Billy, disappointed, had to wait another day for cake. It was after bedtime, after all.

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