Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 26, 2013 ~ The Secret of the Firehouse

Every day on our way home we pass the firehouse. The trucks are never out in the driveway, but we can see the shiny red fire engines through the big windows. Often, I turn down the road in front of the firehouse so Billy can get a better look and go home the back way.

Billy really wants to see inside of the firehouse.

I tell him, "Not today. It's dinnertime. The firemen are eating." Or "Not today. It's bedtime. The firemen are sleeping."

So, now when we drive past the firehouse Billy shouts, "Firemen, wake up!" He also asks me repeatedly if we can eat dinner at the firehouse.

Every day, without fail, even if we don't drive past the firehouse, Billy asks to see inside the firehouse.


What is going on in his toddler brain that makes him want to see inside it so bad? Shiny fire trucks? Firemen with cool hats? Hoses and ladders? The prerequisite dalmatian?

This week he says to me, "Mommy, I know Santa Claus is at the firehouse. We go see firehouse. Santa give me candy."

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why would Santa be at the firehouse? He's in the North Pole right now getting ready for Christmas, right?"

I told this to Billy.

"No, Mommy. Santa drives a fire truck. Santa at firehouse. We go see him. I get candy."

Let's look at this photo from December:

We have Santa Claus, a fire truck, and Santa passing out candy.

Oh, yes, folks. He wears a red suit, rides in a fire truck, has a cool hat, big black boots. Clearly, Santa is a fireman!

And I bet all of those people searching for Santa at the North Pole feel silly now. All along he's just been down at the local fire station doing his part for the community.

And now I know why Billy can't wait to get inside the firehouse.

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