Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Fisher Price CD Player Review

Buy it here

Our friend gave our son this toy before he was born and it has been a favorite his whole life.

As a baby the blinking lights and music were attractive to him. He would be mesmerized by it. And best of all, it's rated 6 months and up, so even small babies can play with it without risk of a choking hazard or breakable plastic.

As a toddler he loves putting the CDs in the CD slot and pressing the buttons. He sings and claps along to the familiar songs and will go back to play with this toy every day.

It comes with three fake CDs and has 4 buttons which play a variety of songs. I will point out that some of the lyrics to favorite kids songs have been changed up for some reason (Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water/ the grass was green, the sky was blue, the shining sun was yellow). But, each song is done in a different musical style, exposing kids to all different types of sounds, which I love.

This one is a winner. Even I sing along to it!

August 31, 2012 ~ A Day at the Fair

Billy got to go to the fair today. We started with the petting zoo. They had a variety of farm animals. He was excited and terrified to see them. They're much bigger in person. He said "moo!" to the cow and "neigh!" to the ponies and "baa!" to the sheep. But he wouldn't touch any of them. "Scary, Mommy."

The animals he liked best were the alpacas. Although, he told me several times, "No, Mama. Llama." Yes, yes. We'll just go with llama for now. I know the difference, but to a one-year-old that's splitting hairs. (Llamas have long necks with shorter hair. Alpacas have shorter necks with longer hair. And their wild cousin, the vicuna (v-eye-coon-ya) is smaller and looks more like an elk than a llama.- from my trip to Peru.)

One alpaca really liked Billy. It made a chirping noise to him. With all of the llama/alpaca/vicunas I met in Peru, I never once heard any of them make noise. But, apparently, at least this one chirped.

Then we headed over to look at the cows being judged and to go over to the birthing center. We saw baby chicks, newborn calves, and Billy got to watch three little pigs be born. He could have cared less. The bleachers were more interesting than the pigs. Well, Mommy liked the pigs.

Then we headed back to the petting zoo to meet up with a friend with two little boys, one about Billy's age. They walked around and looked at all of the animals together. After Billy saw the other little boy, T, run up to touch a baby duck, Billy decided that the little duckling wasn't so scary after all.

From the animals it was off for some tractor rides! Okay, they weren't real tractors. Just little pedals cars, but the boys had a great time playing on them. Unfortunately, Billy's feet didn't reach the pedals, so I pushed him around instead. He loved the tractors. I think he wants one. Daddy said he might get one for him soon. You know, there's an awfully big day coming up this month in Billy's life...

After the tractors and a quick bite to eat of fair food, we headed off for the rides. What's a fair without rides? First up was the merry-go-round. Billy sat on his horse expectantly, not knowing what would happen. When the ride started to move, his face lit up. But when that horse started to go up and down as the ride went round and round, his smile went from ear to ear. I don't think I've ever seen him happier. Boy was that fun!

And, of course, he refused to smile for the picture.

After the merry-g-round we did some of the other kiddie rides- flying elephants, flying bananas (what?), and the wiggle worm. Billy was too small for most of the rides. One more inch and he can ride by himself. One inch, folks.


We walked around the indoor exhibits (in the air conditioning) for awhile and then, to round out our fair experience, we took the boys to get ice cream. Freshly made ice cream over at the cow palace. They had baby cones, so that's what I got Billy. I opted for vanilla this time, since I still haven't gotten the chocolate out of his shirt from the beach. He ate the whole thing, cone and all.

The ice cream sent Billy into a sugar rush. He was up, down, running all around. Over, under the ropes for the ice cream line, hoping to score another cone.

But, it was time to go. So we went home and Billy said to me, "Mommy, I sleepy." Then he pretended to snore on my shoulder. I tried to feed him dinner. But he said, "Mommy, I sleepy. Bed?" And he went into his room and put himself to bed.

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 30, 2012 ~ Love/Hate Relationships with Toys

He loves it. I hate it. That damn toy lawn mower, I mean.

"Do you want to eat?" "No. Mow."

"Do you want to use the potty?" "No. Mow."

"Do you want to watch Elmo?" "No. Mow."

"Do you want a cookie?" "Cookie, then mow?"

He wants to sleep with it. He wants to cuddle it. He won't put it down. Epic meltdown ensues when things like diaper changing have to take place. He loves it. I hate it. But at least it keeps him occupied, right?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Please Help

A woman on one of the discussion boards I hang out on has been missing her children for a year and a half. Her two middle children went for a routine visit with their father and never returned. Because it is a family kidnapping, law enforcement has not been pushing the case and no Amber Alert was issued.

A number of us mommy bloggers (I won't say which site, but I may have a link to it from my blog) started this past week writing to news agencies to get the word out. Yesterday, CNN and TruTV ran stories about the missing children.

Please watch the video and spread the word, especially to people living in Georgia, South Carolina, and neighboring states. No Mom should be without her kids.

August 29, 2012 ~ Lolas and Lawn Mowers

Drawn In Thursdays will return next week...

Billy began his morning begging me for a lola. What the heck could he mean? (In my head I might have used stronger language, but let's keep it clean). "Sit lola?" So I'm thinking.. things you sit on... sofas, chairs, the floor, in the car, in a swing, in a stroller... Wait. "Do you want to sit in the stroller?" "Yes! Lola!" Okay, apparently lola=stroller. Wouldn't it be awesome if in the Mommy Handbook there was a dictionary of toddler terms? Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a Mommy Handbook?

After a long walk in the stroller Billy passed out, long before naptime, but I packed him off to bed anyway, sans lunch and all. He was tired.

After nap he went on a big adventure to the pet store to buy some stuff for Buddy. We walked in and headed for the fish first. Had to go look at the fish- it's almost like going to the aquarium, but free! He turned the corner and there was a wall of fish. And what did he do?

Screamed at the top of his lungs. All of the employees came running, sure that some baby was being murdered in Aisle 5. Nope. It's okay. He's just excited about the fish. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

After the pet store toddler mania Grandma, who had come along, suggested a stop at the new Froyo store. (That's frozen yogurt). Billy was not about to turn sown an opportunity to eat ice cream, so off we went.

This new place is a self-serve style. You grab your own cup, fill it with your choice of 12 different flavors- as many as you want and as much as you want- then add whatever toppings you like. They charge by weight. So you weigh it an pay. I gave Billy his cup and put a little peach yogurt and some chocolate in his cup- not together (one size cup, it's huge). Then I let him choose chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. He wanted rainbow. I fixed my own and Grandma got one too. And they gave Billy a sticker at checkout. Then we headed outside to eat.

He tried both flavors in his. Then he grabbed the spoon from me and tried mine. Then he put his own spoon in Grandma's cup and tried hers. Then he ate all of his, ate more of mine, and scooped out all of the candy from Grandma's cup to eat it, then ate half of her yogurt too. I think he liked it.

When we were done I took him back inside to wash up. When we came out of the bathroom, he saw the stand of self-serve cups and went to grab one. "Mommy, more?!" Um, no.

After our treat we headed over the the Dollar General (it's like a five and dime) to look for a toy boat. No toy boats. But we did find a toy fire truck. Grandma promised Billy to buy him a fire truck over two weeks ago and every time he sees her he asks for that fire truck. So we found a really cool one with lights and sound and a big, telescoping ladder. They also had toy lawn mowers. He pushed it up and down the store and thought it was the best thing ever.

That might be the best $2.50 I've ever spent. We got home and he pushed it around the house for an hour, without needing Mommy to play with him. It's just a red plastic mower, no lights, no sound other than a clacking when it moves, but it is all kinds of Mommy awesome.

Then he asks, "Mommy, George mow?" George mows Grandma's lawn, and we were at Grandma's. He hasn't seen or heard about George in over a month. But he remembered George. And, luckily George showed up to mow. So Billy went outside and pushed his mower around while George drove the tractor around to mow.

Billy loves his mower. He wanted to take it to bed with him. We had major epic meltdown about not sleeping with the lawn mower. I let him take toys to bed, but I had to draw a line at the lawn mower, as big as he is, made of cheap plastic- and it's a lawn mower. Sorry, dude. You can't cuddle your lawn mower.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012 ~ Allergic to Fleas

Grandpop is going to kill me but... he's got fleas. No, no. Not Grandpop himself. But his dogs, and therefore his house. Not a lot. Just a few. But it's enough.

I guess they don't play on the floor with the dogs all that often, so haven't noticed. But with a lil one in tow, I'm on the floor all of the time. And there are fleas on the floor. I've got the bites to prove it. So does Billy.

And yesterday Billy broke out into hives. He had them again today. I knew the doctor couldn't really do anything for him- you've got hives- but I took him anyway, just it case. The likely culprit? Flea bites.

I didn't even know you could be allergic to fleas. But given the welts Billy gets from mosquito bites, I can't say I'm surprised. So, yeah, Billy appears to be allergic to Eastern Shore Fleas.


A funny story for you from my past...

That same house at the beach was empty for a number of years, including the year I graduated from high school. So a good friend and I drove down, intending to stay there for Senior Week right after graduation. We arrived late at night and hauled everything up into a bedroom to unpack. Just then, we noticed the floor was hopping. Like the floor was a giant vibrating speaker hopping. When I say fleas, I mean FLEAS. That area has a big problem with fleas. And since the house had been empty, it was full of them. We drove out to an open gas station- about the only thing open at that hour- and bought a box of trash bags to seal all of our stuff into. When we were finished, flea-bitten and exhausted, we cuddled up into my friend's compact car in the driveway and fell fast asleep until morning, when we sought out other accomodations.

And that's my flea story...

August 27, 2012 ~ Mommy Guilt Pie

It's true. I had the day off and instead of playing with my baby (big boy, Mommy!) I packed him off to daycare and went home to do stuff sans Billy. Eating a big piece of Mommy Guilt Pie.

As much as I'd like to stay home with him and hang out, I had stuff to do. And let's face it. With him around it would have taken three days to accomplish everything I got done in one. I know, that's terrible, right? But it's true. He always wants to help, but often his "helping" is unhelpful as it can get.


Serve me up another slice of Mommy Guilt Pie, please.

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26, 2012 ~ Billy the Beach Bum

So, if you read Friday's post you'll know that I drove to the beach Friday night with a few hijinks.

Best laid plans...

What better way to spend your beach weekend, than cooped up in the house because of constant thunderstorms- 24 hours of them straight. No joke. Not a whole lot of beach fun going on there. So, we hung out at Grandpop's with Nana and the dogs (and Grandpop). It was probably a good thing to have a lazy day. Although, Billy was up bright and early and only took an hour nap. Too much exciting stuff to do.

On a great note, Grandpop's house is the quintessential NOT baby-proofed house. Antiques and breakables everywhere, two staircases to the second floor with no baby gates, electric outlets everywhere without covers- you know, a helicopter mom's worst nightmare. He did fine. Except for attempting to escape to go for a walk by himself in the pouring rain (yep), but other than that he waited for Mommy for the steps and pointed out all of the "no touch".

I did let him jump in the puddles. Boy was that fun. We live on a hill, so we don't get puddles. Grandpop had lots of puddles. Billy had the best time running in the puddles. (Actually, we received over 5 inches of rain, and driving around I noticed parking lots turned into lakes and businesses under water. So, while it was fun for the little one, there is a lot of mess and clean up to do on the Eastern Shore. It was hard on the heart to see.)

Well, there was no way I was going to take Billy to the beach and not actually GO to the beach. I had intended to take him Saturday and then pack up early and head home on Sunday. Revamp the plans! By 6:30 Sunday morning the thunderstorms stopped (ask youself how I know what time, go on...) So, Grandpop, Billy and I hopped in the car and headed to the beach on Sunday morning.

I wish I had the photos from the sunscreen debacle, but they are on Grandpop's camera. Let's just say that Billy helped apply sunscreen to himself, and, well, he looked like he dunked his head in a vat of the stuff...

Off to the water. "Pool, Mommy?"

This kid loves the water. He wanted to run right into the ocean. Thanks to Isaac, the ocean was extra rough, so I had to keep him right at the water's edge. I mean REALLY rough. Did Billy like it?

We played in the ocean. We watched the boats go by. We built sand castles. Visited with cousins. (Yes, I have cousins everywhere.) And what day at the beach isn't complete without this...

I asked him. Do you like the beach? "Mommy, I LIKE it!" he said.