Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26, 2012 ~ Billy the Beach Bum

So, if you read Friday's post you'll know that I drove to the beach Friday night with a few hijinks.

Best laid plans...

What better way to spend your beach weekend, than cooped up in the house because of constant thunderstorms- 24 hours of them straight. No joke. Not a whole lot of beach fun going on there. So, we hung out at Grandpop's with Nana and the dogs (and Grandpop). It was probably a good thing to have a lazy day. Although, Billy was up bright and early and only took an hour nap. Too much exciting stuff to do.

On a great note, Grandpop's house is the quintessential NOT baby-proofed house. Antiques and breakables everywhere, two staircases to the second floor with no baby gates, electric outlets everywhere without covers- you know, a helicopter mom's worst nightmare. He did fine. Except for attempting to escape to go for a walk by himself in the pouring rain (yep), but other than that he waited for Mommy for the steps and pointed out all of the "no touch".

I did let him jump in the puddles. Boy was that fun. We live on a hill, so we don't get puddles. Grandpop had lots of puddles. Billy had the best time running in the puddles. (Actually, we received over 5 inches of rain, and driving around I noticed parking lots turned into lakes and businesses under water. So, while it was fun for the little one, there is a lot of mess and clean up to do on the Eastern Shore. It was hard on the heart to see.)

Well, there was no way I was going to take Billy to the beach and not actually GO to the beach. I had intended to take him Saturday and then pack up early and head home on Sunday. Revamp the plans! By 6:30 Sunday morning the thunderstorms stopped (ask youself how I know what time, go on...) So, Grandpop, Billy and I hopped in the car and headed to the beach on Sunday morning.

I wish I had the photos from the sunscreen debacle, but they are on Grandpop's camera. Let's just say that Billy helped apply sunscreen to himself, and, well, he looked like he dunked his head in a vat of the stuff...

Off to the water. "Pool, Mommy?"

This kid loves the water. He wanted to run right into the ocean. Thanks to Isaac, the ocean was extra rough, so I had to keep him right at the water's edge. I mean REALLY rough. Did Billy like it?

We played in the ocean. We watched the boats go by. We built sand castles. Visited with cousins. (Yes, I have cousins everywhere.) And what day at the beach isn't complete without this...

I asked him. Do you like the beach? "Mommy, I LIKE it!" he said.

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