Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 29, 2012 ~ Lolas and Lawn Mowers

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Billy began his morning begging me for a lola. What the heck could he mean? (In my head I might have used stronger language, but let's keep it clean). "Sit lola?" So I'm thinking.. things you sit on... sofas, chairs, the floor, in the car, in a swing, in a stroller... Wait. "Do you want to sit in the stroller?" "Yes! Lola!" Okay, apparently lola=stroller. Wouldn't it be awesome if in the Mommy Handbook there was a dictionary of toddler terms? Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a Mommy Handbook?

After a long walk in the stroller Billy passed out, long before naptime, but I packed him off to bed anyway, sans lunch and all. He was tired.

After nap he went on a big adventure to the pet store to buy some stuff for Buddy. We walked in and headed for the fish first. Had to go look at the fish- it's almost like going to the aquarium, but free! He turned the corner and there was a wall of fish. And what did he do?

Screamed at the top of his lungs. All of the employees came running, sure that some baby was being murdered in Aisle 5. Nope. It's okay. He's just excited about the fish. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

After the pet store toddler mania Grandma, who had come along, suggested a stop at the new Froyo store. (That's frozen yogurt). Billy was not about to turn sown an opportunity to eat ice cream, so off we went.

This new place is a self-serve style. You grab your own cup, fill it with your choice of 12 different flavors- as many as you want and as much as you want- then add whatever toppings you like. They charge by weight. So you weigh it an pay. I gave Billy his cup and put a little peach yogurt and some chocolate in his cup- not together (one size cup, it's huge). Then I let him choose chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. He wanted rainbow. I fixed my own and Grandma got one too. And they gave Billy a sticker at checkout. Then we headed outside to eat.

He tried both flavors in his. Then he grabbed the spoon from me and tried mine. Then he put his own spoon in Grandma's cup and tried hers. Then he ate all of his, ate more of mine, and scooped out all of the candy from Grandma's cup to eat it, then ate half of her yogurt too. I think he liked it.

When we were done I took him back inside to wash up. When we came out of the bathroom, he saw the stand of self-serve cups and went to grab one. "Mommy, more?!" Um, no.

After our treat we headed over the the Dollar General (it's like a five and dime) to look for a toy boat. No toy boats. But we did find a toy fire truck. Grandma promised Billy to buy him a fire truck over two weeks ago and every time he sees her he asks for that fire truck. So we found a really cool one with lights and sound and a big, telescoping ladder. They also had toy lawn mowers. He pushed it up and down the store and thought it was the best thing ever.

That might be the best $2.50 I've ever spent. We got home and he pushed it around the house for an hour, without needing Mommy to play with him. It's just a red plastic mower, no lights, no sound other than a clacking when it moves, but it is all kinds of Mommy awesome.

Then he asks, "Mommy, George mow?" George mows Grandma's lawn, and we were at Grandma's. He hasn't seen or heard about George in over a month. But he remembered George. And, luckily George showed up to mow. So Billy went outside and pushed his mower around while George drove the tractor around to mow.

Billy loves his mower. He wanted to take it to bed with him. We had major epic meltdown about not sleeping with the lawn mower. I let him take toys to bed, but I had to draw a line at the lawn mower, as big as he is, made of cheap plastic- and it's a lawn mower. Sorry, dude. You can't cuddle your lawn mower.

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