Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 3, 2012 ~ Go See AB

First off, I don't mention other kids by name on my blog for their own protection. It's my choice to talk about Billy online, but other parents may not want to see their kids' names appear on the web. So, for that reason I will be referring to Billy's friend as AB.

We went over to AB's house for dinner to celebrate her Daddy's birthday. Her Daddy is a dear friend of mine from long before we had kids or were married. As fate would have it, AB and Billy are only 3 weeks apart in age. Perfect playmates. Unfortunately, busy parenting lives mean we never see each other. But, we've decided to work on that. I'll let you know how that goes.

We walked into their house and Billy was absolutely terrified. Not sure why. But he wouldn't talk and he wouldn't get down. Every time I tried to put him down he clung to me like a little monkey.

But, finally, he realized there were girl toys all over the place, so he got down and started to play with AB's toys. That worked out well and the adults got to visit.

Then it was kids' dinner time. Billy sat with AB and her older brother at the table. The siblings quarreled a bit, and Billy sat there in what I would call stunned silence. I know he's seen kids have arguments at school. But he only sees kids either in large groups or one on one. He's not used to siblings close in age and the standard "that's mine!" fight.

After dinner he managed to catch on to the routine, though. The kids played, the adults ate and talked.

Billy was having so much fun that he pooped his pants. I wish that were just a phrase, but in his case, that would be literal. Fortunately, I came prepared with extra clothes.

Then we toured the house. Billy got to climb up into a bunk bed. When it was time to leave he didn't want to go. He told me he was going to sleep in the bunk bed instead. But, alas, it was bedtime.

"We go back to AB's?" he asked on the car ride home. Why, yes. Yes we will.

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