Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 3, 2011 ~ Fish, Trains and a Big Bump

Thanks to the teething Billy had me up before 8am today. Now, I know other babies get up earlier, but he normally gets up at 8:30, so it's early for him. When I have insomnia, it's really early for me.

By 9am he was bored with his toys and I had chased him from one end of the house to the other more than ten times. He wouldn't stay still long enough for me to make coffee. I tried erecting the baby gate. First he ripped it down. Then I wedged it in tighter, but had to go higher with it for a better fit (the walls aren't straight). So, he figured out how to crawl under it. By 9:30 I corralled him into his bedroom- the only baby-safe room in the house with doors and without sleeping people. Containment is key when lil man has boundless energy and I'm whipped.

Unfortunately, moving furniture around woke him up early from his nap. Always a recipe for crankypants. How to solve the crankies? Food.

Daddy was making fish sticks for himself for lunch so we decided to let Billy try his first fish.

He thought it was very tasty. I know in the photo he looks kind of concerned, but he is merely inspecting the properties of this strange new food. Fish is a success.And Mommy is excited that so far no allergic reaction to fish, yay! (I am always nervous about his health when exposing him to major allergens, like peanuts and soy, etc.)

After lunch Grandma and I took Billy to Kenilworth to see the trains.

If you're not familiar with Kenilworth, every Christmas the mall sets up a huge train garden around the central fountain. It's a big draw for the kiddies. So is Santa, but he was on his break while we were there. Probably out feeding the reindeer or getting some milk and cookies. We weren't there to see him yet, anyway. Have to find a Christmas outfit first.

When we got home we went outside to play. Billy was trying to head for the street, so I was blocking him with my legs from going near traffic. I always do this. He's fascinated with attempting to run to the end of our street and see the cars on the cross street. Mommy is not excited by this. Normally, he grabs my legs and tries to side step me, which never works. Today, however, he decided to run headlong into me. I had no warning, since he was standing still right in front of me and then ran at me full speed to get me out of his path. The result? He hit me, stumbled backwards, tripped over his own feet and belly-flopped onto the pavement. I nearly caught him from falling, but it happened just a split second faster than my reaction. He cried for just a minute and then wanted down to go play again. Of course, he immediately decided to try running down the street again. Ok, time to go in.

After a few minutes playing inside I noticed his face was turning red and splotchy. Because it's so cold outside it must have kept the redness from developing until we came into the warmth. He had a red spot on his forehead, tip of his nose, and all across his face like a beard. I didn't think the fall look that bad when it happened. I tried to ice it but he wanted none of it. He was totally unphased by it. Must look worse than it really was. After awhile the redness faded except for on the forehead.

You can see the little red mark in this picture of laundry basket rides.

Just before bed (and just before the above photo) I had to go on the Great Binky Hunt. We were down to the one cheapie back-up. I crawled under the crib to try and find any that had fallen behind. They get lost under the dust ruffle and behind a box under the crib. All of a sudden Billy climb on top of me, grabs my shoulders and starts bouncing like he were on a pony ride. Mommy doesn't do pony rides, but it was so funny that I called for Daddy through the monitor. Daddy had to finish laughing before letting Billy get a Daddy pony ride (with Mommy following close behind to prevent any spills). Definitely don't need any more head bumps today.

It's midnight and he's been up three times already with teething pain. Poor guy. Hope tomorrow that tooth finally gets here and leaves him alone.

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