Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012 ~ Green Piece of Awesome Rides Again!

When Billy discovered that the Green Piece of Awesome (aka his tricycle) made it to the new house he hugged it. Yes, he hugged it. Never underestimate the awesomeness of the trike.

Today was so nice that we just had to take it for a spin. We don't live on a court any more, so his usage of the GPA has to be more closely monitored. I decided that we would go for a walk. I pushed him down the hill and up the hill and into a court. We met some neighbors and got invited to join in the bike mayhem later when the weather is warmer. (Apparently, the court is kid central).

He was THRILLED with riding his trike up and down the hills. He even tried to pedal, but he's still just a little too short. He can only get one foot on the pedals at a time. This, of course, resulted in him damaging the only pair of shoes that fit.

But if a day spent out on the Green Piece of Awesome heps him make the new place feel like home, I think I can sacrifice a pair of shoes.

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