Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 9, 2012 ~ Pumpkin Picking and GrumpyPaws

We started our morning with a scheduled trip to the vet. We had to drop Buddy off for surgery. Billy has no memory of the vet- I usually don't take him with me. So, it was an interesting experience for him. I explained that Buddy was old enough to go to his appointment on his own, but that we had to drive him since puppies can't drive. Billy felt this was reasonable enough. He complained "Buddy, come back!" a little in the car after we left, but when I explained we would pick him up later he gave up and started jabbering on about the cow jumping over the moon. Moooooooooon!

Next up, field trip!

Yup, Billy's fall field trip was today. We went to a farm to pick pumpkins. It was a cute little farm, although there wasn't too much there to do and to be honest there are better farms around for fall festivities. But Billy liked it well enough. Grandpop joined us for some fall fun.

Unlike most places, here you actually get to choose your pumpkin on the vine and they cut it off for you and you get to walk away with a freshly picked pumpkin.

After he chose it all by himself he refused to put it down. It was HIS pumpkin.

After the pumpkin picking we went for a hay ride and played in some giant tractor tires. There was also a barnyard, but after the State Fair that part was boring and old hat. He saw the animals and looked at me and asked, "Mommy, horsey ride now?" (As in, ok, where's the merry-go-round that was at the fair). I believe we will need to make a visit to the Columbia Mall to see the merry-go-round and some friends!

Then it was lunchtime. It was freezing out, so I bought a warm apple cider for us to share. I brought a bagged lunch for us to share as well. With the cider he kept taking a sip and then screwing up his face. Finally I said, "if you don't like it, give it to Mommy and you can have your water." Nope. He still wanted it. I think it was just getting past drinking juice warm. (It wasn't hot- I tested it). He's had cider recently and liked it, but it was cold.

After lunch he chased his girlfriend around the farm. They walked on top of hay bales and crawled through tunnels. She had a parent's hand the whole time. Billy? Nope. He's good. Walked on top of hay bales with no issue. Even jumped off of them with no issue. And when he fell only once? He whimpered but didn't cry. He fell into loose hay, so it was only his feelings that were hurt.

Then it was back to school.

After school we went to pick up Buddy from the vet. Buddy came out with a cone on his head. Billy said, "Buddy silly!" Then he continued without prompting, "Buddy have big booboo." I didn't tell him that. He just understood. He also helped me with Buddy's medications (Buddy med-sin). "No touch Buddy," he warned. But, when I said ti was okay, he gave over and gave his Buddy a big pat on the rump.

Buddy is one sick puppy. We're still awaiting the results. He had to have a suspicious tumor removed, but all signs point to malignant. I'm hoping for the best, and hoping they got it all. He also has a terrible infection in his mouth, but luckily gets to keep his teeth for now. We thought he might loose one or more, but so far so good. However, he is Mr. GrumpyPaws and I can't blame him. Could you imagine having a massive infection in your mouth and then having a tumor removed from your boy parts? Yeah, that would make anyone a grumpypaws.

Billy was very good with Buddy at home. Buddy just wanted to sleep. In the middle of toddler chaos. But Billy left him alone. So, sleep he did.

Then Daddy came home.

"Billy, what did you do today?" Daddy asked.

For the first time ever Billy responded without prompting. "Hay ride. Big tractor."

I did have to prompt a little about the pumpkin. "Were there pumpkins?"

"I pick pumpkin. Little pumpkin. Orange."



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