Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012 ~ Before and After: Grocery Store

Before, at the grocery store:

Billy kicking, screaming, "No! No! No!" having major tantrums, trying to break things, crawling out of the cart, "Apple!" hitting, biting, crying, whining, throwing things and me holding my head in shame as I try to bring a small person under control. Can someone please explain to me the magic that turns a perfectly well-behaved small person into a raving monster when passing through the doors of a grocery store? And it doesn't matter which store, they all seem to have these magical doors that make little monsters.

Today I came prepared with a monster kit. Animal crackers, Tigger, 2 spoons, a binky, milk and water. And I asked him to behave himself before we went in the store and he agreed. Did it work?

After receiving the contents of the monster kit, at the grocery store:

Billy calming nomming on crackers and quietly pointing to and naming things he recognizes, sitting still, behaving himself, calm and collected, handing me his binky when he didn't want it (instead of throwing), asking for it back, letting me know something fell from the cart, not throwing a single thing, not screaming even once, sweet little baby.

The Grocery Store Monster has been tamed...for now!

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