Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012 ~ A Dollop of Daisy?

Today for dinner I cooked quesadillas. Yay uno de Mayo! Look, I'm going to eat Mexican food all week because it's a great excuse to eat Mexican food all week. I served it up with a dollop of sour cream, which, happens to be Daisy, but that's not my point.

How would you eat a quesadilla?

I look at it like Mexican pizza. Triangular. Yummy. AND I get to dip it into sour cream, which is CLEARLY the best part. So, I usually bite off the tip of the triangle first. You?

Ok, now what would you do if you were a one-year-old?

First, examine this trangular thing. Cheese you say? I see no cheese. What to do? Bite a hole through the middle looking for the cheese. Oh, look! There it is. Mom wasn't lying. There is cheese in this thing.

Oooh. What is this white blob on my plate? I must investigate.

So, Billy stuck his spoon into the sour cream to get a bit of it. He still wasn't so sure about the whole dipping the quesadilla part, even if he is a pro with french fries and ketchup. When he lifted the spoon the whole glob came up of the plate. The WHOLE glob. He looked at it on his spoon. Hrm. What to do now?

Yes, that would be the dollop going in his mouth. (With me yelling, "No, silly! Stop!)

Did he like it?

Oh yeah. He even took the second bite and ate the rest of it right off of the spoon.

Well, clearly now would be the time to eat the rest of the quesadilla or feed it to the dog. Several attempts to feed it to the dog proved futile so he opted to eat it instead. "More, more!" didn't get him more sour cream, so I guess he figured he might as well eat what was left on his plate.

Ok, so now we have a clean green plate. Well, clean except for the dregs of the sour cream that stuck to the plate. I would look at that as done and put my plate in the sink. Billy? First he dipped his strawberries in it, but decided he didn't want any more strawberries. Then?

He decided that if it was so good to eat, it must be good to wear.

He rubbed it all through his hair in a stripe right down the center like a skunk. Apparently, I didn't know that sour cream works as hair gel too, and Billy was feeling his tresses needed some taming.

Yeah. Let's skip the bath and go straight to the hosing down!

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