Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013 ~ The Scary One

I should probably write some sentimental piece about the anniversary of this day, but I'm not. Please read last year's if you would like some sentiment.

Last year's post

After dinner with PeePop, Billy and I were watching Little Einsteins. Grandma had given me a flyer for a local Halloween shop. I was looking through it, trying to find any decent costumes that Billy might like so I could show them to him. He wanted to look too, and was surprisingly distracted from one of his favorite shows.

Immediately, he pointed at Ironman and said he wanted to be that. I asked, "do you know who that is?" No, he didn't. But Ironman is cool looking.

He wasn't impressed with the small assortment of little kid costumes. Mickey? No thanks. Monster? Is is pink? No. Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Nah.

Okay. He doesn't really know "characters" so looking at poor costume representations of cartoons he doesn't know, turns out to be not so helpful.

Then I turned the page. Scary adult costumes. It was the undead page. (You laugh, but they really had a whole spread of undead/zombie costumes.)

"Mommy, this one is scary." He pointed to a particularly lifelike zombie costume. Yes, it was very cool and very scary.

I went to turn the page, "Let's look at something not so scary."

"No, I want to look at it. I like scary."


You'd think he'd have nightmares or something. But he didn't. He just really liked the zombie costume.

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