Monday, September 23, 2013

Is That Where Butterflies Come From?

When I get busy my blog suffers, and I have been as busy as ever. Let's face it, I'm so far behind we won't bother really with catching up.

Here is a conversation from last week:

Billy needed to use the potty. Normally, he requests privacy, but on this day he wanted me to sit with him. It was a long sit. He wanted to talk about bugs vs. bugs. And by that I mean germs vs bugs.

Are germs bugs like grasshoppers and flies?

No. We call them bugs, but really they are germs, not bugs like the ones outside.

Are they germy bugs?


Are they like catepillars?

No. they are so tiny you can't even see them.

Do they go in my mouth?


They go down into my belly?


They come out my butt?


Then do they turn into butterflies?

Um, no. Tiny. VERY tiny. Look at my hand. It's covered in germs. (I hope not). Can you see any? You need a microscope to see them.

The thing you sing into?

No. That's a microphone.

Oh. Can I see them?

With a microscope.

And they're inside me?

Yes. There's good germs and bad germs. The good germs are like little workers. They help you. They help make the food you eat into energy. They are what make your poop smell. And they fight the bad germs. Bad germs are like a cold or flu. They go in our mouths and make us sick. That's why we wash our hands- they get on our hands and then into our mouths.

[Looks confused]

Remember two weeks ago when you had an ear infection? A bad germ got in your ear and made you sick.

And the good germs gave me a check up?

Um... the good germs tried to chase it away. But they needed some help, so you had to take medicine.

So the good germs gave me a check up and said I needed medicine to make the bad germ go away? That's why I drank up all of my medicine and it was yummy. (Let's not dicuss the daily medicine-taking battle from that).



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