Monday, September 23, 2013

September 20, 2013 ~ What Makes the World Go 'Round?

Yeah, I'm out of order. Don't mind me. (This post is after the post for the 21st.)

Billy earned his first dollar. This is his allowance. He has one chore he has to do twice daily- feed the dog. I, however, take pity on the dog and often feed him again (when Billy shorthands him) or feed him in lieu of Billy so that Buddy gets fed on time.

But anyway, Billy was successful enough this week so he earned a whole dollar. (Don't go spending it all in one place, kid).

Daddy handed it over, "Here's your buck!"

Billy fondled it for awhile.

Go put your cash somewhere safe, okay? Daddy said. "Cash? Daddy, it's a dollar. Doll-ar."

Daddy laughed and then launched himself into a list of other words that mean money. "Buck, cash, bread, dough, moolah..." the list went on.

Billy was a little confused, but went with it. He was too busy admiring his dollar.

Then Daddy decided to move on to phrases about money.

"Hey, Billy. What makes the world go 'round?"

Without looking up and without skipping a beat Billy replied, "the sun."

Daddy laughed and scratched his head. "Well, you're exactly right!" It wasn't what he was looking for, but it was the right answer.

And that would be Billy schooling Daddy.

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