Monday, September 23, 2013

September 21, 2013 ~ You Should Get Married

Billy, Grandma and I were shopping in a cake store. We were looking for birthday stuff, but most of the shop was wedding cake stuff. Billy was asking about all of the wedding things. Then he moved on to weddings.

Mommy, you should get married.

I already am married. Who do you think I'm married to?

I dunno. Who?


Daddy? Why? (and not the sweet why, but a more loaded "...why?!?"

So I could have you.

[Looks confused]

Later, I told this story to Daddy. He thought it was terribly funny.

Daddy: Hey, Billy... who should Mommy marry?

Billy: Miss A.

Me (aside to Daddy): Well, that's legal in this state now.

Me: Billy, who should Daddy marry?

Billy: Mommy, of course!

I think we need to work on this concept a little. ;)

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