Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 ~ Jumping In Crib

Let's set the scene:

The room is all dark except for the planets glowing overhead from our planetary projector. Vivaldi's violins set the scene as spring and the sounds of waterfalls on distant African shores waft through the air. It's night; it's bedtime.

In the crib are all of the luvies a toddler could hope for. They line the edge of the crib. Blankets too. Soft ones, thin ones, heavy ones. And a baby pillow.

"More milk?" I ask as I rock him?

"No! Elmo book!" (Actually a Sesame Street book without Elmo in it, possibly from BEFORE Elmo...) Remember, it's dark. But he tries to read the "Elmo book" anyway. He gives up when he can't see the pictures. Oh, wait. Now the milk is appealing.

I put him down iin his crib after our usual bedtime routine. He lays down and is quiet while I walk out. Seconds later- screaming. So I go back in and he is sitting in his crib asking for a "MeMe". Not to be confused with a meme... MeMe is his binky. Then he wants his lamb, which is in the other room. Oh, and yellow bear too. I try to find his favorite- Tigger, but I think Tigger might have been left at church (!!!).

"Will you lay down?"


He stood up and asked to be picked up.

"No. It's bedtime."

Just then a lively classical tune was playing. He started dancing a jig in his crib. That got him to thinking...'if I can dance, can I bounce?' Hopping is his new thing. He loves to hop. So he walked to the center of the crib and started jumping up and down, giggling hysterically.

Cribs: not just for sleeping anymore.

He's finally asleep... what time is it?

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