Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012 ~ Eggs, Palms and Potato Chips

So, this weekend we took Billy to a warm location with palms and fed him eggs and potato chips. Haha, no. April Fools! (I'm the one fooled- I'd like to be in a tropical location...)

We started this morning with pancakes. I made pancakes and juice for Billy. Juice is always a big hit. The pancakes? One bite for me... the rest to Buddy, one bite for me, the rest to Buddy. So on and so on, until I gave up and no more pancakes. The juice set off a sugar high and Billy literally did jigs around the house, singing to himself.

Then we had a trip to Church. It's Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week and the day we get our palms (actual palm fronds). We gave Billy his own palm, grabbed a pew and hoped for the best. But he would not sit still. Daddy and I took turns walking him around Church. I really wanted to listen to the Mass since Cardinal O'Brien was saying it, but with a toddler, I got to hear very little.

Anyway, we discovered that Billy is obsessed with the statue of St. Vincent de Paul, who is holding a small child. He just wanted to stare at it. Daddy incorrectly informed him (unbeknownst to me) that the child was baby Jesus. So, Billy started calling the child baby Jays. He even tried multiple times to give his Yellow Bear to the baby.

After Church it was on to the Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood. We joined all of the kiddies to run around the field picking up eggs. Billy didn't quite get it. I would have to walk over and point at the egg. Then he would come over and pick it up and run around. Ooh, stick! Sticks are way more exciting than plastic eggs filled with candy. Somehow, Billy found an egg with a sticker in it. This meant he won a prize. I did not find it. I did point out the sealed egg for him to pick up, but had no idea of the contents. He is currently sleeping with the little lamb that he won, refusing to let go of it. He loves it! He also got to meet the Easter Bunny. Did you know how scary he is? At least he gives out awesome little lamb prizes.

After the egg hunt Grandma came over. Wait, did I hear a nap in there somewhere? He's one, where's the nap??? Yeah, no nap. We snuck in lunch. Be he refused to sleep. No nap. Super baby.

So, Grandma came over and brought with her a late lunch for herself. Bad move Grandma! Billy stole my lunch today and then went on to steal Grandma's! He ate ALL of her potato chips. He started with a few, kept going back over to her to get more, got the bag, ate everything out of the bag (single serving bag), then started sneaking them off of her plate. Yep. Poor Grandma.

We also got outside today. Billy helped pull ivy out of the garden. He wanted to be a big help and tromped right through the garden to give Daddy a hand. He pulled and pulled at the ivy (to no avail). And then ran around picking up the loose pieces to help Daddy put them in a bag.

Super Baby did finally crash at 5:30 and slept until 7. At least he got that nap in there somewhere. It's been a busy day!

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