Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5, 2012 ~ Keep On Clicking

You know, now that Billy is 18 months old, it occurs to me that I've taken.. oh, roughly 3,000 photos of him since he was born. That's a lot of photos. Probably more than have ever been taken of me in my whole life. Hell, probably double. I've taken so many that my computer is running out of room. Yeah, that many.

The funny thing is that I don't think I'm the 'clickiest' Mom out there. Just average. But digital makes it so easy to just keep popping off more shots until you get the perfect one. Of course, when it's your kid, every little thing is cute and you keep on clicking away.

I think back to the days of film. When I went to Ireland I shot a whopping 72 rolls of film. Granted, it was a photographic walkabout. So, there's that. You don't even want to know how much it cost to develop all of those rolls. Ok, I might have been the 'clickiest' on that trip. And I sure love to take pictures. But even that can't compare with the amount of pictures of just one small person that I have taken over a year and a half.

I think digital makes us all photo crazy. Seriously, there might be 10 really great photos of me as a small child. And my Mom has a photography degree. These days it's not a picture that's worth a thousand words, it's a word worth a thousand pictures. I see people taking photos everywhere with all sorts of devices. And it's instant gratification. Like a polaroid, but without all of the shaking. Instant. Who cares about a bowl of cereal? Ok, well, that potato photo on facebook this morning was totally worth it.

Meanwhile, you're probably wondering why this photo nut hasn't been posting photos either here or on facebook. You know, when you move it's the small things that disappear. Not my cameras. Those I can locate. Nope. Try, the battery chargers. Yup. Totally lost. Just found one yesterday. I possibly took a total of 25 photos in March to try to preserve the battery life so I could keep on clicking.

But now the charger is found and I can return to my click-mania. I know what you're thinking... "nut job!" Yeah, but he's just so cute!

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