Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 30, 2011 ~ The Chobani Spokesbaby

This morning Daddy took Billy on an adventure downtown. I got Billy all dressed up for his outing.

Had to make sure he was in Raven's purple for Purple Friday.

When I got home after lunch Daddy and Billy were back from their outing. Billy was crying in his crib and it was already close to 2. Daddy didn't realize he was hungry and needed lunch before nap (Daddy is hopelessly forgetful of these things even if he doesn't mean to be.)

I got him up and gave him his favorite food of all time. If he could eat it for every meal I think he would. He even knows where I keep it in the refrigerator and if I open the door he grabs it and runs. Yup, it's yogurt- specifically Chobani. He eats Chobani every single day without fail.

Today, he was doing a pretty good job of feeding himself with the spoon so I let him feed himself lunch. I turned my back for a minute and...

He ditched the spoon and went for the bare-hand method. Somehow, he managed to empty the entire contents using just one hand. With a photo like this, I am nominating Billy as the Chobani Spokesbaby. As spokesbaby, Billy says for everyone to run out and buy more yogurt- for him! No worries, Billy... Mommy has an entire shelf in the fridge devoted to yogurt.

After a late lunch I sent Billy off to actually take his nap. He's got a cold and didn't sleep well at all last night. Also, Mommy didn't sleep well at all last night. But that's what happens with a crabby Billy that wants to be held all night long. He took a long nap, got up for dinner and cried until he went to bed for the night. He was so tired he only wanted to wake up for food.

Here's wishing you a very happy last day of 2011. See you in 2012!

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