Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28, 2011 ~ Bare Bottom Hijinks

We started the morning with brunch with friends. Billy was very well behaved. When we came home with the same friends, family came to visit. It was a lot of excitement and Billy got off schedule.

He normally takes a nap around lunchtime, but was way past that by the time we actually got him to sleep. Then he only slept for an hour, waking up at the usual time, but without getting enough sleep. The result? Crankypants.

He was so tired that he was unhappy with everything. The only way I could get him to settle was to dance around the living room with him on my hip. Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha... didn't matter so long as I kept moving to the beat. Let me tell you, a good way to lose the baby weight is to dance around with a 30lb weight on your hip. Just try keeping the weight on and doing that on a regular basis.

After he got bored with dancing it was on to playing ball with Buddy. I know, I know. No balls in the house. Billy has a large bouncing ball that we were throwing down the hall for Buddy to chase after. Billy would chase too, although Buddy is much faster. Buddy would then get the ball stuck and Billy would say, "oh, noh!"

Grandma came over for a short visit, but while she was here it became apparent that Billy needed another nap. He was laying down on the floor and trying to sleep amongst his toys. We tried to put him to bed, but he ended up unhappily babbling about it in his crib during quiet time. After quiet time I rocked him a little to get him to settle. He smiled and cooed the whole time, thrilled to get some close Mommy time. He was much happier after that.

His unhappy belly over the holidays means that he has an unhappy bottom, so after bath time we had some bare bottom time. Normally, I restrict him to his bedroom (or the deck in summer) but today I let him run around. He thought it was too fun and had me chasing him all over the house. Suddenly, he started doing the Pee Dance. Normally I throw a diaper on him when I see the Pee Dance. But Daddy decided to try the potty this time. We got his stool and tried to stand him up in front of the toilet. The problem was that he wanted to sit on his stool, because stools are clearly for sitting. Daddy tried and tried- Mommy being banished because this was "boy stuff". No Go. Daddy let him run around some more, but he continued with his Pee Dance. We threw a diaper on him and he let fly.

Daddy is disappointed, but I am thrilled. I know he didn't pee in the pot, but he did hold it and wait for his diaper. That's a mark in the win column for me.

A strange thing did happen during bath time. He kept pointing down the hall saying, "Look, look! Momma, look!" Of course, the hallway was empty. I said, "What? What do you see? Do you see something? Do you see someone?" But he just kept pointing, eyes trained on something and said, "I no no". (I don't know in Billy speak).

It's not the first time he's done it and I have no idea what he's seeing. I do believe in ghosts, but then, I've also seen Billy have a conversation with a red Christmas bow. I don't know what to make of it. The only thing in the hallway is the hall light, which is higher than his eye line when he does this. Who knows? It's a mystery. I just hope he learns to tell me what it is that he sees, or grows out of this phase of seeing something where there's nothing.

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