Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011 ~ A Visit To Billy's Girlfriend

If you can believe it, it snowed at our house today. It was too warm to lay, but somehow little patches of white appeared on the yard and on the deck. Of course, Billy saw snow last winter, but that is so long ago I know he doesn't remember. He stared out the window pointing, "look, look!" at the tiny flakes. I even opened the back door so he could look out of the glass on the storm door to see the snow hit the deck and dissolve. It was fascinating to him.

We also played with the Bell Box today, which he hasn't done in many days. It still astounds me that he can change the songs and has clear preferences. The Christmas songs are ok, but the songs you would here on a calliope at the circus are his favorites and he will turn the knobs until he finds them. They are mostly polkas, so I think perhaps it's the rhythm that is appealing. Who knows? Why does he like classical over rock as well? I don't know. He didn't get that from me.

I've been trying to expose him to all kinds of music but I have to admit that I've been a little lacking. He loves classical. I let him listen to rock and dance music. He loves the songs in Disney movies (ok, that he did get from me.) I make him listen to Irish music and Native American music. I have Spanish and African music for him too. But, I don't have country. It's not that I don't like country, but it's not a preference of mine and I don't own any country music to share with him. But, in the spirit of Grandpop, I think I will have to make sure he at least has some Bluegrass music to listen to. (Grandpop was in a Bluegrass band many moons ago.)

For dinner we went to visit our friends, who just happen to be the parents of Billy's girlfriend. She is a few weeks (but not a month!) older than Billy. The last time they saw each other was for Billy's birthday party. I dressed Billy in his plaid pants and a baby boy blue sweater. His girlfriend was dressed in a baby girl pink sweater with cute girl print pants. Totally by accident they were dressed in their respective colors. They looked like baby models for a clothing line. It was too funny (and I forgot my camera, so sorry no pics). She is just a bit smaller and they kind of look like twins. They are often mistaken for twins when we go out, in fact.

Billy has a new habit of running to the door and waving "bye, bye" when he is ready to go. He was so tired at the end of dinner that he informed us it was time for bed. He's been to enough parties over the last two weeks that it wasn't a fluke, he tells us when we need to take him home. Works for me. I would rather he tell me than have a crankypants.

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