Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26, 2011 ~ Wagon and Dragon

Daddy got up with Billy this morning so that I could sleep in a little. They played with some Christmas toys and watched his new movie, Beauty and the Beast. He wasn't all that interested in his new movie, since it wasn't Tangled.

He was all hugs when i got up and only wanted Mommy. As it turns out, a diet of cookies and crackers causes tummy troubles. Who would have thought? So, he was feeling a little under the weather and Mommy and Daddy had double diaper duty.

He was so tired from yesterday that he was ready for his nap at 11am and slept until almost two. When he got up we went outside to watch Daddy work on the roof. Billy picked up the biggest stick that he could find, nearly twice his height, and dragged it all over the yard and the court.

While we were playing in the court I heard a loud engine noise. I grabbed Billy tightly just in time to see an SUV barrel into the court and swing wildly past us only a few feet away, nearly clipping the car we were standing next to. Billy had been running out from behind the parked car just when I grabbed him and might not be with us if I hadn't heard the SUV before we saw it. The blonde woman drove off in a hurry and parked up at the top of the court. Then she waited with her engine on until a man jogged down the cross street and came up to her car. They had a long conversation, exchanged something. He ran back the way he had come and she drove off. We don't live in a neighborhood with much crime, but it was very suspicious. Billy wanted to go investigate, but I kept him away from the top of the court.

Not long after Grandpop came to visit and brought Billy his presents. He got a dragon and a wagon. I have officially named the dragon Smog, which is taller than Billy. The wagon is a little red push cart just the size for Billy to push around, but too small for him to ride in. It's clearly for Smog to go for joy rides in the court.

Right after Grandpop arrived Billy laid down on the floor right at my feet and didn't want to get up. Nap Time #2. I had to wake him up (in his crib) for us to go out to dinner. We went first to the Macaroni Grill, but they were so rude about taking our name that we left and went to Chilis, where there was no wait.

He wasn't hungry, but had a grand time tossing paper napkins on the floor and talking to the other babies at the restaurant. I think he was too tired to eat. When we came home he went right to bed and fell asleep immediately.

In fact, that sounds likes a great idea,

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