Friday, December 28, 2012

December 23, 2012 ~ Baking Cookies

It was my brilliant plan to make rolled sugar cookies to give to Santa. I thought Billy would enjoy the activity. Grandma has a kitchen better suited for baking with a toddler (we have a wall oven and limited counter space- she has a regular oven and a big table perfect for rolling out cookies).

So, while Billy napped I made the dough and chilled it. I have to say, that using the Joy of Cooking's basic rolled cookie recipe we got a bland dough. Usually I use Martha Stewart's recipe but tried something different this year. We'll be going back to Martha next year.

Anyways, I took him over to Grandma's and let him pick out his favorite cookie cutters from her stash. He, of course, wanted the plain circles. I insisted on making shaped cookies that didn't look store bought, so I made him pick out the standard Christmas fare and some of the more unusal ones (Like an axe. Who wants an axe-shaped cookie? Grandma says it's for Washington's birthday. I can't recall ever making cookies for that, but whatever floats you boat, right?)

Billy liked the part about getting flour everywhere. He also liked pressing into the dough with the cutters, but didn't have the strength to cut all the way through the dough. Mommy had to do that for him. And he got to watch them bake. But the best part, or course, was eating them.

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