Friday, December 28, 2012

December 26, 2012 ~ The Vacuum From Hell

While I had made plans for the day after Christmas, Mother Nature decided to make other plans. A freak snow storm blew up, bringing ice and snow and hazardous conditions that the weathermen had not predicted. So, we stayed in.

This gave Billy an opportunity to play with his new toys- all except for the Big Red Racecar. That is really an outside toy, and while I let him run it back and forth for a few minutes inside, it really belongs out on the street.

So, we had to content ourselves with other toys and new movies from Santa.

Also, a little red vacuum cleaner given to him by my aunt. We had gone to her house for dinner the night before to see her and my uncle and all of their kids and grandkids. Billy had taken a shine to this little vacuum cleaner. Since all of her grandkids have outgrown it and he seemed to like it, she gave it to him. It was very nice and very thoughtful.

Only, I didn't know it was... the Vacuum From Hell!

Billy was pushing it around and all of a sudden it turned itself on for a moment. After further inspection it had an on/off button and a battery compartment.

"Mommy, fix it."

I don't do "fix it" unless I have to, so I called in the big guns. "Daddy!"

Daddy installed some new batteries and voile! It worked. Crap! It worked.

Billy proceeded to 'vacuum' (it's only a toy but man do I wish it did clean up the dirt, even a half-assed attempt to pick it up would be worth it.) He vacuumed the whole upstairs and downstairs. Twice. Oh and did I mention it's as loud as a real vacuum. Oh yeah, that loud. All. Day. Long.

Finally, I put the Vacuum From Hell in time out. Billy didn't understand. So, I explained it. Billy, you're not in time out. But Vacuum From Hell gave Mommy a headache- a booboo in the head- so it has to go in time out for doing that.

Remind me never again to "fix" the broken batteries.

(And yes, this is his favorite toy of all of his Christmas presents, besides the Big Red Racecar. It was very kind of my aunt to give it to him and he loves it. However, I will proceed to call it the Vacuum From Hell, because with batteries in it, it's as loud as Hell.)

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